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Home Gossip Is Acacia Brinley pregnant? who is she currently engaged with?

Is Acacia Brinley pregnant? who is she currently engaged with?

Jharna Prasai Mon Jan, 2017

Acacia Brinley Clark, the 20 years old actress and singer, is from the United States of America. Her father is a popular photographer, Rich Clark. Acacia is also a songwriter and is popular as the lead singer of the band WaterColor. She is the sister of famous actor Peyton Clark.

Acacia got interested in singing when she was just 2 years old. In 2012 Acacia appeared in the TV series Code 9 and also starred in the horror movie Untitled Eli Roth CryptTV Snapchat Murder Mystery. She was also the member of the girl group Girl Squad and has millions of followers on Instagram. 

Acacia Brinley Clark is currently dating the 26 years old rock singer, Jairus Kersey. Jairus is the lead vocalist of the alternative Rock band Alive Like Me. Before dating Jairus, Acacia also was in a relationship with a romantic guitarist, Benn Suede only for a few months in 2014. Following her alleged affair, there is also the news of Acacia’s pregnancy all over the social media. Today we'll talk about the truth behind this news. 

Acacia confirmed her pregnancy through a video posted on her Youtube Channel

On October 4, 2016, Acacia announced that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Jairus Kersey's child. She shared a music video on Youtube titled Times like this, where she showed her journey with her current boyfriend Jairus until her pregnancy. Jairus and Acacia both seemed to be very excited and happy about the pregnancy. Some of her fans congratulated her while some were not quite happy about her pregnancy at the young age.

YouTube: Acacia Brinley announcing her pregnancy with partner Jairus Kersey 

In the video, Acacia and Jairus are presenting their adorable moments together. She told her fans to buy the song, Times Like This in Itunes but fans got surprised to see the hidden news in the video. The news of her pregnancy made Jairus a very happy man.

Acacia gave birth to a baby girl on the 14th of May 2017. She named her little child, Brinley Rey Kersey as she was born healthy with 7.7 ounces weight and 19 inches in height. 

Currently, Acacia and her partner Jairus is again pregnant with their second child. It is almost time for their second child to see the earth!

Acacia and Jairus are dating each other from 2015. Are they engaged?

Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey were frequently spotted together in many places and after that, people started gossiping about their secret affairs. Jairus is the lead vocalist of the alternative Rock band Alive Like Me. Later on, Acacia and Jairus both posted on twitter about their relationship.

Both are from the musical background and that has made them easy to understand each other. Soon the couple is giving birth to a baby. They have a couple's Youtube channel named Acacia and Jairus.

Acacia and Jairus are together for more than a year and soon they are going to be parents but they still are not ready to get married. They are living together in the same house but the rumor of their marriage is not yet in the media. Acacia and Jairus may have been engaged but there has not been any announcement yet.

Acacia Briney and Jairus Kersey Together. This couple looks adorable together.

Caption: Acacia Briney and boyfriend Jairus Kersey together.


The pair walked down the aisle a few months after their first child was born. On July 30, 2017, the pair put a ring on their relationship and later on April 22, 2018, the couple vowed to the marital bond. Currenlty, Acacia and her boyfriend Jairus Kersey are husband and wife.


We’re freaking MARRIED! Love you husband, @jairusjosephkersey

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The couple looks very adorable together and compliments each other very well. It's completely up to them if they give birth to a healthy baby but we are very sure that this couple will do everything in their power to nurture their children.

We wish them a very prosperous life together and hope they soon deliver their second child healthily.

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