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Home Gossip Is Andy Stanley the son of Charles Stanley? Know about his married life and children

Is Andy Stanley the son of Charles Stanley? Know about his married life and children

abhilasha Wed May, 2022
Is Andy Stanley the son of Charles Stanley? Know about his married life and children

Charles Stanley the founder of In Touch Ministries is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Northern Atlanta, Georgia. He has got many followers who believe in him as a very powerful Churchman and pursue his path. He has been married and also has children.

After more than 40 years of his married life, Charles got divorced from his wife, Anna Stanley having a mutual understanding. The divorce was a controversial matter as this separation was kept in whilst thinking that they may have a settlement but later Charles's wife made her final decision to go apart.

Charles Stanley is a very dominant Churchman figure who guides thousands of people on the path towards righteousness. However, he got divorced from his wife which made many people difficult to overlook the matter when they first got the shocking news about his divorce.

Is Andy Stanley the son of Charles Stanley?

Charles Stanley married his wife Anna J. Stanley has three children together. Andy Stanley who is now the senior pastor of North Point Community Church along with his daughter Becky is the child of Charles Stanley. His daughter Anna Johnson Stanley died on 10 November 2014.

Charles Stanley and Anna J. Stanley got legally divorced in 1995. Actually, they were already separated in the year 1992 whereas Anna filed for a divorce in 1993. The couple had divorced through a mutual decision as the couple decided that Anna would amend the lawsuit and seek a legal separation. After two years of filing a divorce, this pair finally became lawfully separated.

Now Charles Stanley and his son Andy Stanley are both well-known Georgia pastors. Both father and son became headlined when Adam Stanley talked about sexuality and same-sex attraction. Their view on homosexuality caught the attention of people for many weeks.

While talking about homosexuality and same-sex marriage, Andy said, 

There is no consensus in the room when it comes to same-sex attraction. There is no consensus in this room when it comes to gay marriage


Going back to the divorce topic of Charles Stanley and his wife Anna J. Stanley, there was no certain reason given behind the split of this couple but according to the tabloid, Divorce Debbie, it says

Though, not much is known as to the reasons behind the split, which must have definitely come after a lot soul searching as it was a step that was in direct opposition to everything Charles spoke about, preached or believed. There have been some disenchanted folks who talk about rumors regarding an alleged extra-marital affair on Charles' part or even of his supposed cold-heartedness in never missing day at his church right through the whole ordeal, which some have laid the blame squarely on Anna and have even said that she had lost her mind when she had taken the step.

Even though the divorce papers were filed several times, the last time was on February 16, 2000. The pair was finally officially divorced on May 11, 2000

Charles' son, Andy Stanley, who is now 63 years old, is a married man as he got married to his girlfriend turned wife Sandra Stanley in 1988 and has three adult children.