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Home Gossip Is David Muir Still Unmarried? Who Is he Currently Dating? What About His Gay Rumors? Details

Is David Muir Still Unmarried? Who Is he Currently Dating? What About His Gay Rumors? Details

Ashmita Karki Sat Dec, 2017
Is David Muir Still Unmarried? Who Is he Currently Dating? What About His Gay Rumors? Details

For a pretty long time, there exists a debate on the sexual preference of ABC’s anchor David Muir. However, there’s no denial about the fact that 1973 born David is hot as hell. He has everything that a girl wants in her man; looks, charm, personality, and sexy body. Sadly, there's no trace of a girlfriend or wife in his life as he is alleged of being gay. The question that arises is: Who is he dating?

David is in fame right now because of his interview with President Donald Trump. Keep reading to get the details about the hot host’s affairs and relationship. Also, find how the interview went with the president of the United States.

Is David Muir Gay?

American journalist David appears as an anchor of ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. He has a lot of fan following and they stay pretty impressed with his activities as well. He has around 269.7k followers on his Instagram and 755k on his Twitter. Now, isn’t that huge?

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Along with the high number of fans, David also has a lot of eyes on him. The lack of women in his life makes people think that David is gay. However, nothing can be confirmed without him opening up about this matter.

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David Muir relationship with boyfriend Gio Benitez

David never seemed romantically closed to any women in the past for many years. This made his fans suspicious about his sexual preference. In 2015, the rumors that David was secretly dating ABC reporter Gio Benitez hit the news. 

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David Muir with ex-boyfriend Gio Benitez

David Muir with ex-boyfriend Gio Benitez  Source: Daily Entertainment News

David’s alleged dating life with Gio found a lot of space in people’s minds and talks. The pair were seen going to gay bars together and holding hands in public. Sadly, all the accusations came to a halt after Gio got hitched by someone else.

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Gio married Tommy DiDario in 2015. They had a rather romantic proposal as Gio popped the big question to his lover in 2015, on the Eiffel Tower.

David Muir' Past Relationship and affairs

There has been no news or rumors of David’s new relationships or affairs. However, lately, his fans, followers, and people close to him have suspected David of being in a new relationship as he is seen quite close to a lot of women.

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Does this mean he is bisexual? We can’t totally confirm it as there is no substantial evidence or reports regarding such rumors.

David Muir first interview with President Donald Trump

When Donald Trump won the election and became the president of the United States of America, David Muir got the first opportunity to interview him. Muir stepped into the White House on 25th Jan 2017 to interview President Trump for ABC’s ‘World News Tonight. The interview went great, and millions of people watched it as well.

Source: Syracuse

When Muir asked the president how hard the magnitude of the job has hit him, he accepted that it was a periodic hit with a tremendous magnitude. Well, we are pretty sure that Mr. Trump has learned to adjust to the punch by now as he has already been the president for 310 days.

Watch David Muir interview the President Donald Trump full video:

They talked about a lot of things including Trump’s plan of building a wall between Mexico and the USA, funders for the construction of the wall, former President Obama’s DACA, illegal votes, and many other relevant things.

David Muir talks about the news business and the news cycle

David also participated in a group discussion with Brian Steinberg, the senior editor of Variety, and other colleagues. He talked about how audiences and viewers play a crucial role today in the world of the news business. He said:

“I do feel if we underestimate the viewer it’s at our own peril. I think Americans are a lot smarter than many give them credit for. I think people are informed these days as Scott points out you can get any information you want at any point during the day.”


David agrees that people’s expectation today is different than how it was 5-10 years ago. It is true to a large extent because everyone has their interest and viewpoints these days. David further thinks that it is essential in the age of noise hitting us all day long before we even get home. 

Thus David is an intelligent person whose level of wisdom is pretty high. Coming back to his love life, we believe that David will find the right person at the right time. Considering his good looks and charm, there’s no second thought about the fact that girls can’t resist him.