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Home Gossip Is Marty Lagina about to divorce his wife? "Unseen affair of Marty"

Is Marty Lagina about to divorce his wife? "Unseen affair of Marty"

Shauhard Bikram Rana Fri Mar, 2016
Is Marty Lagina about to divorce his wife?

Marty Lagina is a famous TV personality. He has an educational background in engineering, energy business, and vineyard. He came to the limelight through his TV show The Curse of the Oak Island. He collaborated with the father and son of Oak Island, Dave and Dan Blankenship. Marty is still not convinced regarding the treasure availability of treasure on that Island. Today in this section we are going to talk in detail about his love life, affairs, and relationship. Just stay with us.

Marty Lagina Married Life, Affairs, And Relationship

He made millions in the energy business and he is keen to sponsor the show. His wife’s name, however, is unknown to the public. His brother Rick and Son Alex Martina are known. Alex Lagina has a background in mechanical engineering. He also supports his father in the wine and energy business.

TV Personality Marty Lagina

TV Personality Marty Lagina

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There have been numerous rumors that he’s divorcing his wife but sadly nothing is known about his personal life. Rick Lagina and Martin Lagina have made a net worth of two million dollars from the wine Business.

Moreover, he came to know about Oak Island through reading the edition of Reader Digest of 1965 edition. He was fascinated by the work done by the Restall family to solve the mystery of Oak Island. The show revolves around Oak Island where the brother finds the hidden treasures beneath the Oak Island.

They also investigate artifacts found on the Island. He uses the state of the art technology to solve the mysteries of the island. Lagina though came to the limelight through his show, The Curse of the Oak Island. His life, wife, children, and educational institutions are unknown to the world.

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Despite the risk involved in the Island, Matina Lagina has been joined by his sister who supports their adventure on the Island. He seems to enjoy the time with his family. He likes the woods, whether he gets treasures or not. The Duo-brothers has made millions of dollars through his show, Adventure in the oak.