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Home Gossip Is Robinson Cano still single or Married? Who is he dating currently? Know about his Affairs

Is Robinson Cano still single or Married? Who is he dating currently? Know about his Affairs

Shree Krishna Tue Feb, 2023
Is Robinson Cano still single or Married? Who is he dating currently? Know about his Affairs

The All-Star MVP baseball player Robinson Jose Cano is making headlines with his prominent professional career, in addition, comes his quite choppy personal life which thereby is pulling the player in the center of controversies. His on-and-off relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jackelin Castro is making rumors on social sites recently. 

Life turns out beautiful when we fall in love or if we find someone to be emotionally attached to, isn't it? On the other side, life gets bumpy when the relationship gets some bad blood in. It creates an imbalance in life. And the same has happened with Robinson Cano.

If you love watching baseball, then, you are surely familiar with Robinson and his ex-girlfriend Jackelin, but do you know whether he is still enjoying his bachelorette or is in a relationship recently? If you don't know, you will have your answers here in detail.

Robinson Cano and His Ex-girlfriend Jackelin Castro's Relationship

Robinson Cano, 40, a Dominican-American professional baseball player for the Seattle Mariners, and his ex-girlfriend Jackelin Castro, a native of the Dominican Republic started dating back in 2008. The couple both were born and raised in the Dominic Republic.

Though there isn't any news on the couple's past relationship we can assume that their hometown relationship grew to a romantic love affair. But the couple couldn't make it a long journey and they split around 2011. A sad ending to a homely relationship! 

Jackelin is even reported to have traveled to and from the US while they were in a relationship, just for her boyfriend Castro.

The news of the couple's split fell behind the fame of this rising second baseman, so the reason for their break-up couldn't make it to the papers on any of the social sites. But later in 2013, Robinson made the headlines with his ex-girlfriend Jackelin when she claimed that Robinson is not only a deadbeat dad, but has also cut back on child support.

Yes, you read it right! Robinson is the father of his 13-year-old son. So, is the baseman really a deadbeat father, or not? Let's find out.

Is Robinson Really a Deadbeat Father, OR NOT?

During the couple's nearly 4-year long relationship, they were blessed with a  baby boy who was named after his father's name, Robinson. According to Jackelin, Robinson bailed the moment he found out she was pregnant and paid too little. She further claimed that the player invests more on his dog than on his son.


Robinson, who signed a decade-long contract worth $240 million with Seattle Mariners on the 9th of December 2013, has been ordered by a judge in the Dominican Republic to pay an extra $600 a month as child support but Castro said she will be going back to court to push him for extra $25,000 a month.

And while speaking to New York Daily News she said;

It's never consistent, we're talking about someone who made $15 million last season.

She further added;

Robinson, the son, he doesn't have a secure income as of now. That's a shame.

Jackelin also questioned the player's public image that Robinson built through his RC24 Foundation, which helps underserved children.

What hurts me most is he shows the world that he helps children, that he's a good person, he's very humane. So with something of his own, he may trick the world and everybody who sees him because he's the big star that he is, but there's a reality, which is a son who doesn't receive the quality of life he's supposed to.

She said.

Well, have to admit the baseman is tough with feeling. But whether to call him a deadbeat dad or not it's up to you all to decide. And don't forget to have your decision.

Though the player made lots of controversies in past he seems secret to his private life recently because he hasn't been linked with any other names and there isn't any news on his recent affairs on any of the social sites. But if anything comes up, we will make sure to let you be informed. Till then keep on visiting FamousStardom.