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Home Gossip Is Sanaa Lathan pregnancy rumor real? What is the explanation of French Montana to this news?

Is Sanaa Lathan pregnancy rumor real? What is the explanation of French Montana to this news?

Richa Thu May, 2016

This time, Sanaa Lathan is questioned about the new rumor in the town. The fact guessed is about her pregnancy. She is rumored to be pregnant by rapper French Montana.

Since 2015, this couple is dating each other, and previously, she was also connected to her affair with Steve Rifkind.  

In Beso restaurants, they were captured where French was pointed as the baby’s father. But her Twitter news elaborated something other than this.

He is the last person who is connected with Sanaa in the current time and she has not perfectly elaborated what the matter actually is or is about. From the time, Sanaa and French were announced of being together officially they seem ready to bring the baby into the world.


French explanation responding news seems positive. He was pretty much excited to welcome their new family and planning further to work across it. Working in movies with a great grant of success, he was able to earn an exclusive sum of net worth by reaching the top height from such an early age. He mentioned the baby will change the pattern of the family. Still, the couple is silent about getting married, but Sanaa seems to be awaiting to mention French as her husband.

Their picture being together is hitting the market of social sites. With amazing pictures exchanging their love and connection they can be seen properly. Since Sanaa was kept into many stories of love and affair she came to face many rumors and controversy in regard to it. However, linking up with French she felt quite safe and together holding for a lifetime.

Even they claimed they will never be divorcing each other and could exist being apart. They are further planning for the baby now and hoping everything is best with spending the time. Sanaa is hoping for a baby boy.