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Home News Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Reuniting for Rush Hour 4

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Reuniting for Rush Hour 4

Blueprince Tue Apr, 2019
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Reuniting for Rush Hour 4

Actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have hinted in their Instagram post that there will be the fourth edition for the cult movie Rush Hour.

The internet is buzzing after comedian Chris Tucker joined action-hero Jackie Chan face to face, for the latter's birthday celebration.

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The two co-stars snapped a picture together holding up the number four with their hands, which has many guessing that the characters of Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter are at long last preparing to make a rebound.

The last real Rush Hour 4 update came in October 2017 when Jackie said the content was wrapping up in a decent spot and that if a sequel really happened, it would come down to Chris on agreeing to the story.

The series began with the arrival of Rush Hour in September 1998.

The motion picture turned into a major hit for New Line and earned about $244 million around the world. 

The two sequels for the current trilogy arrived in 2001 (Rush Hour 2) and 2007 (Rush Hour 3), the two of which made more than $250 million around the world.

One of the major obstacles for Rush Hour 4 is that the movies were directed by director Brett Ratner.

The producer has been blamed for different cases of inappropriate sexual behavior and misconduct, so it's quite unclear what his contribution in a potential new Rush Hour spin-off would be.

Let's have our fingers crossed.