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Home Gossip Jason Whitlock Dating White Woman; Controversies, Married? Know about his relationship

Jason Whitlock Dating White Woman; Controversies, Married? Know about his relationship

Dilip Adhikari Wed Nov, 2022
Jason Whitlock Dating White Woman; Controversies, Married? Know about his relationship

Before we talk about the relationships, love affairs, and marriage of Jason Whitlock let's know something about Jason Whitlock. Jason Whitlock is a journalist, not any other journalist but an amazing sports journalist. We can see him in Fox Sports 1 alongside Colin Cowherd in the regular TV show Speak For Yourself.

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Besides that, he is also a former sportswriter for ESPN and a former analyst at AOL Sports,, and Kansas City Star. The list does not end here, Whitlock is also a radio personality/RJ for KCSP and WHB sports stations in the Kansas City area.

That is a brief introduction to this awesome and talented person. Now, let's be clear about Jason Whitlock dating a white woman.

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Jason Whitlock Dating White Woman

Jason Whitlock dating a white woman is nothing but an issue that Whitlock talked about. It is a big issue and is also mentioned as the number one issue for black ethnic sports fans. The fans do not think that dating a white woman is good for a black ethnicity player. And that's what happened recently.

Kyrie Irving had a yacht party where he was seen with white girls and the yacht party was called a "No Black Girls Allowed" which offended a lot of black ethnic women. Whitlock was talking about this issue which caught everyone's eyes and he said;

Kyrie Irving is out having a good time, celebrating. And he’s getting beat up for that. I will say this, Kyrie Irving just got caught up in probably the #1 issue that gets talked about among black sports fans: black athletes and white women. It gets talked about constantly. He’s coming off of the O.J. documentary, that just came out, that put black athletes and white athletes at the forefront of people’s minds.

After the photo of the party was leaked, Kyrie Irving defended himself and said that he would never say that since he was raised by a black mother and he loves black girls.

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You can follow Kyrie Irving on Twitter, check out this recent tweet.

Here's the video of Kyrie Irving parting with the white girl and the reason for all the discussion.

Now, you should be clear about the issue. Other people also said that if anyone else said anything about this issue then it would have been seen in a very different way and they would be labeled racist but this issue was raised by Whitlock himself. This got lots of media attention.

Now, let's talk about Whitlock's relationships.

Jason Whitlock Relationships

As far as we know, Jason Whitlock is single. We know it from the comments shared between him and Dan Le Batard about the Clippers flying to DeAndre Jordan's house and keeping him there and comparing it to his own relationships with women. Check out what he said;

Whitlock: “It’s a mental game. I’ve started every relationship this way, Dan. You isolate the woman, you get her away from her family and friends. You don’t want them talking any sense into her. You don’t want her knowing she’s making a mistake.”

Le Batard interjects, “But Jason, you’re still single!”

Whitlock continues: “By the time it’s over and she’s in love, it’s like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking to her, ‘Womp womp womp womp.’ That’s what Cuban should have done.”

Here's what Jason Whitlock thinks about relationships.

We wish Jason Whitlock all the very best for his career and hope that he gets his dream girl soon and change his love status.

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