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Home Gossip Jeremy Bash Once Married To Dana Bash Is Still Single. But Dana Also Divorced After Second Marriage.

Jeremy Bash Once Married To Dana Bash Is Still Single. But Dana Also Divorced After Second Marriage.

Ashmita Karki Sun Nov, 2016
Jeremy Bash Once Married To Dana Bash Is Still Single. But Dana Also Divorced After Second Marriage.

Former U.S. Department of Defense’s chief of staff, Jeremy Bash was married to CNN anchor Dana Bash. But this couple got divorced. Jeremy does not have a wife at present as he has not married anyone and his relationship status is still single. But Dana moved and married John King.

Sadly, Dana's marriage with John King did not work out as well. Thus she got divorced for the second time. Well, there is still a lot about the couple, just stay with us to know in detail.

Dana Bash' relationship with Jeremy Bash

Jeremy Bash, who is a managing director of Beacon Global Strategies LLC, and Dana Bash got married on 6th September 1998. This couple was together for almost nine years.

However, things did not go as it was planned between this pair. They decided to end up their marriage and got divorced in the year 2007. 

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CAPTION: Dana Bash
SOURCE: Twitter

The exact reason behind Jeremy and Dana’s divorce has not been disclosed by the couple. It is said that despite the divorce, Jeremy Bash and Dana Bash are still good friends.

Dana Bash moved on but Jeremy Bash didn't

Jeremy did not marry anyone after his divorce from Dana, but Dana Bash moved on in her life. She dated fellow CNN anchor John King for a year. After being involved in a romantic love affair, this cute pair decided to tie the knot. Former White House correspondent Dana got married to John King on 25th May 2008. 

Dana and John King welcomed their first baby boy in 2012. They do not have any children except him. Dana and John’s baby boy’s name is Jonah Frank King.

Dana Bash divorced for the second time with John

Even though Dana Bash and John King looked perfect with one another, they decided to live separately in 2011. They officially got divorced three years later.


CAPTION: Dana Bash
SOURCE: hitberry

Looks like the duo were not compatible.

Dana Bash's is single currently

After her second marriage and divorce, Dana Bash has not been linked with any other man. It seems like she is sad because of her two broken marriages. In fact, who would not be? According to a source, Dana was really happy and sad at the same time when she divorced her second husband.

Image: Dana Bash with her son Jonah King

 The source further added: “Dana has finally filed for the divorce and she is happy and sad at the same time; happy in a sense that she is now finally ending her relationship with her husband and sad because she was really in love with him.”
However, King’s marriage with Dana Bash is also his second marriage. He has a son and a daughter from his first marriage.

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Quick facts about Dana Bash:

Who was the first husband of Dana Bash?

Jeremy Bash was the first husband of Dana Bash.

After her divorce from Jeremy Bash, who did Dana Bash marry?

Dana Bash married John King after her divorce with her ex-husband Jeremy Bash.

What is the current status of Dana Bash?

Dana Bash is currently single.