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Joanna Gaines Bio, Net Worth and Wiki

Monika Wed Jan, 2016
Joanna Gaines Bio, Net Worth and Wiki

Television personality Joanna Gaines rose to popularity after being cast as the host of the show Fixer Upper with her husband Chip. This show, which airs on HGTV, is about the complete renovation and makeover of a shaggy old house, into a livable home using her exquisite renovation techniques. This 38-year-old American beauty is originally from Texas and has a degree in communications from the Baylor University.

While Gaines does not have her own wiki page, fans of her and the show are constantly in the search of information about this couple with a good chemistry who work their magic on several houses on screen. The first house she and her husband renovated was their own honeymoon house. The photos of the houses they renovated using their magical tricks were seen by the HGTV and it lead them to get a chance to have their very own show with the help of the channel.

The couple who have a combined net worth of a whopping 1.5 million dollars owing to their TV show, met and fell in love at the automobile shop owned by Joanna’s father. As of now, they have four children and a wonderful family and are leading happy married life which too is portrayed at times on their show. She previously worked in an all you can eat buffet and the buffet named the Magnolia Homes is actually owned by this couple as of now.

Joanna Gaines has an incredible talent for finding cheap materials from the market and putting them to good use to renovate the houses they undertake. This is what has led her to be approached by several celebrities to transform their old houses and what has led her to the heights of fame. She alone has a net worth of 1 million dollars, a supporting husband and family and a supporting fan base.