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Home Gossip Journalist Sarah Hiddleston Married Husband Yakov Chandy in 2009; Know her Married Life and Family

Journalist Sarah Hiddleston Married Husband Yakov Chandy in 2009; Know her Married Life and Family

Ashmita Karki Mon Dec, 2016

Sarah Hiddleston who was born in England is a well-known journalist in India. Sarah is not only talented but equally pretty as well. This amazing personality is married to Yakov Chandy. They tied the knot in 2009 and are still together at present without any rumor of divorce.

 Today, on this particular topic, we will let you people know more about journalist Sarah Hiddleston's married life, secret personal life, children, husband, and more. Check it out:

Sarah Hiddleston is quite mysterious; Keeps her relationship very private 

Sarah Hiddleston appears to be a mysterious lady as she hasn’t revealed much of her personal and professional life in the media. It seems like she doesn’t want any media attention to hamper her relationship with her husband.

That’s why Sarah has maintained a low profile as much as possible. Apart from the name of her husband, she hasn’t given slight hint about him to her fans.

Image: Journalist Sarah Hiddleston

Sarah Hiddleston's Brother, Sister, and Family

Another reason for keeping a low profile might be the fact that Hiddleston is not as famous as her brother Tom Hiddleston. The charming and hot star of ‘Avengers’, Tom is a renowned celebrity who has been able to gain millions of fans worldwide because of his tremendous acting skills and performance.

Actress Emma Hiddleston who has acted in movies such as Unrelated, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an elder sister of Sarah.

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Image: Journalist Sarah Hiddleston with her sister Emma

Tom is very close to his sister Sarah and says that she along with his other sister and mother are his inspiration. He even admits that they have helped him a lot to understand women.

During an interview, Tom said: “My sisters are very strong-minded, independent women — as is my mother — and I’ve learned a lot from them. I like to think that through growing up with my sisters I have a sense of who women are, of their needs, their diversity, and all those lovely things.”

Sarah Hiddleston's relationship with her brother, Tom Hiddleston

Despite being so famous and busy, Sarah’s brother Tom is very close to her even at present. During the same interview, he said: “As I’ve got older, I’ve become reassured by being surrounded by family and old friends. That feeling is very nice.”

Image: Tom Hiddleston

Sarah Hiddleston's relationship with her husband

Getting back to Sarah’s marital relationship, it has already been nine years of her togetherness with Chandy as a wife and husband. Despite all these years, their relationship seems to be going really well.

They haven’t passed through the bitter experience of divorce yet, which makes us believe that the bond between them is really strong. They seem to be very supportive and understanding.

Image: Journalist Sarah Hiddleston's husband Yakov Chandy

Neither Hiddleston nor Chandy has revealed anything about their children. Thus we cannot clarify if they even have kids or not. However, if they have, we’re sure they make great parents.


We give our best wishes to this lovely couple for the years ahead of their relationship.

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