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Home Gossip Kaity Tong and her Husband Patrick Callahan Living happily with Children without any Divorce

Kaity Tong and her Husband Patrick Callahan Living happily with Children without any Divorce

Ashmita Karki Sun Jul, 2017
Kaity Tong and her Husband Patrick Callahan Living happily with Children without any Divorce

The very famous and talented broadcast journalist Kaity Tong has lived a successful life career-wise. She is well-known all over the world for her splendid work as has been a news anchor since 1981 in New York. 

She is currently married to Patrick Callahan, and her married life is going well unlike with her first husband, which ended up in a sad divorce. Considering Kaity's relationship with her current husband, we don't think they will ever split. Find out more:

Kaity Tong's career made her meet her first husband

The Chinese-born American was born in Qingdao, China and her family moved to the United States when she was just four years old. Kaity’s personal love life hasn’t been so successful as her career. 

Katie Tong

Kaity Tong

Source: Daily mail

She was previously married to Robert Long, a former news anchor, and vice-president at Los Angeles's KNBC-TV. Kaity and Long met at the set of KNBC-TV as they both worked there. 

Kaity Tong children and first divorce

Kaity and Robert had a love affair for a long time which eventually took another turn after they got married. However, their marriage didn’t last long as they divorced. The couple split apart in 2009.

They have a son named Philip long together.

New Husband and Wife Couple; Kaity Tong and Patrick Callahan

After the divorce, Kaity got involved in an affair with Patrick Callahan who is a photographer. The pair does not yet have any children of their own to date. Nothing has stopped them from staying true to one another, and that's the reason why they are such a happy couple.

Kaity's marital relationship with Patrick is on excellent terms, and the pair seems to be in so much love with one another. As a mother herself, she knows the feeling to be a mother and the happiness associated with it. Surely they will have one new member in their family. What do you think?

Kaity a Successful Woman

Kaity has been an ambitious and bright girl from the beginning. She always wanted to become a journalist from her childhood as she was inspired by her great-uncle.

She has been through a very successful career with high-paying salaries that adds up to her net worth of approx 4.5 million dollars. Kaity was featured in several movies as a news reporter like in the famous Spiderman, Woolf, Lost Souls, the Manchurian Candidate, and many more.

Watch the interview of Katie Tong:

Kaity Tong is one of the richest and successful broadcasters. Not only her professional life but also her personal life is going very smoothly. Even though she is divorced from her first marriage, Kaity is very happy with her second husband, Patrick and there is no rumor or any sign of dispute and divorce. Moreover, they describe each other as soulmates and made for each other. 

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