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Home Gossip Know About George Jung's ex-wife Mirtha Jung; Their Married Life and Children

Know About George Jung's ex-wife Mirtha Jung; Their Married Life and Children

Sabrina Thapa Sun Jan, 2018
Know About George Jung's ex-wife Mirtha Jung; Their Married Life and Children

George Jung is a 76-year old former drug trafficker and smuggler. During the 1970s and 1980s, he was one of the major people in the cocaine trade. The entire events of Jung's life were portrayed by Johnny Depp in his biopic titled Blow in 2001.

Lots of people are interested in the life of George Jung. His early days, smuggling career and love life were well illustrated in his biography Blow as well as in its film version.

The drug lord was married to ex-wife Mirtha Calderon, who later took her husband's surname Jung and has a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung. George got married to Mirtha in 1977, and the two were divorced in 1984. According to Highline, George is currently married to Ronda Clay Spinello Jung.


To know more about George Jung's marriage and children, continue to read below.

George Jung's marriage with ex-wife Mirtha Jung

Mirtha Jung is a private person. Her name became common in the mass due to her relationship with George Jung. There were rumors about her death but the rumors weren't true.

In 1974, George Jung was involved in a drug trafficking case with Medellín Cartel. It is believed that it was at that time George had encountered the Cuban descendent Mirtha through Colombian cocaine contacts.

In the movie Blow, it is depicted that Mirtha Jung was already the girlfriend of one of the smuggling partners of George before he charmed her with his persona and the two got into a love affair. In the movie, the character of Mirtha was played by the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.

George Jung and Mirtha Jung's married life

In 1977, George tied the knot with his wife Mirtha. A year later Mirtha gave birth to her daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung.

George Jung with ex-wife Mirtha Jung

CAPTION: Mirtha Jung alongside her ex-husband George Jung 

SOURCE: Celeb-Gossip

Ex-wife Mirtha Jung was actively involved in her husband's drug smuggling business. Due to her involvement, she was arrested a couple of times along with her husband. She was addicted to cocaine even after the birth of her child.

Her addiction led to several disputes between the husband and wife's married life. The seven-year-long marriage ended in 1984 when George Jung was behind bars.

After the divorce, Mirtha Jung has not been reported to have remarried. In addition, there are also no rumors of her being in any new relationships. Her ex-husband George Jung got remarried to Ronda Clay Spinello Jung but the facts of his second marriage haven't been disclosed yet.

George Jung and Mirtha Jung's daughter

On August 1, 1978, George Jung and his ex-wife Mirtha Jung became the parents of a beautiful daughter whom they named after George's father Christian Frederick Jung, Kristina Sunshine Jung. The 39-year-old is a poetess and a writer.

When the court sentenced George Jung to 20-years of imprisonment, Kristina was just 9-year-old. Her mother Mirtha Jung took her custody and kept her away from her father's shadow.

In the biopic, actress Emma Roberts, who plays the role of Kristina, never visited her father in prison, but in reality, Kristina Jung did often visit her father.

George Jung got released in 2014, and since then he has been trying to reconcile with his precious daughter. The father and daughter duo together run the family clothing business named Boston George Apparel and Merchandise.

Other than Kristina, George Jung has a step-daughter named Clara Pearson from his second wife, Ronda Jung.

Watch the official trailer for George Jung's biopic Blow.

The drug dealer who used to make millions of dollars now has an estimated net worth of around $10,000. Hope, George Jung spends the rest of his life happily with his daughter and new wife leaving behind the past.