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Home Gossip Kristin Bauer Van Straten and her husband Abri Van Straten having a smooth marriage

Kristin Bauer Van Straten and her husband Abri Van Straten having a smooth marriage

Abhilasha Singh Limbu Mon Jul, 2016
Kristin Bauer Van Straten and her husband Abri Van Straten having a smooth marriage

A small town girl with big dreams and a seducing look, Kristen Bauer Van Straten has been able to make her place in Hollywood which is really praiseworthy, to say the least. She is best known for her acting in True Blood as vampire Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, telecasted in HBO.

Kristen is an example of strong women. Whoa! Wouldn’t it feel good to see people looking at you and regarding as an idol? Well, that is what Kristen is.

Just to let you guys know Kristen didn’t want to get married until 2009. She was happy being alone and working for herself and making her future. While growing up she liked sports, firing gunshots, and riding horses; showing them as examples of her strong side, and beautiful heart.

Why wouldn’t anyone like the strong personality? Wouldn’t you be drawn towards it? I would have. Well, that’s how her love story with her husband, Abri Van Straten started.

         Finally, the bell rings.             Source:

As a single person, it’s emptiness inside which everyone does feel at a point. Same like that, our dear Kristen at the age around her late 30’s felt a loneliness. She felt that it would be always her in her house waiting, nor anyone to be with, holidays were lonely, being with family and having no one to romance that is also a spice of life which is needed. So she gave a thought of trying out to be in the relationship.

She started from, which she felt it was just for people over 30 years, and eHarmony wanted her to match herself with same person nature which was not going to happen with her. Well, that would have been boring. Opposites attract not the same side we all know that.

Kristen, who stands at the height of 1.75m, had a flu and was waiting for her nutritionist’s. She got a CD in the waiting room from a girl and that girl introduced to the band The Lemmings from South Africa. The vocalist Abri Van Straten held this beautiful ladies heart from then. After a couple of meetings, they tied their knot at Kristen’s family farm.


Orchid tattoo (Bold Kristen)   Source:

As a Fairytale story it started, and now it blossoms like the flower Orchid which Kristen has a tattoo of stretching from her right upper arm and onto her back. They have both been seen together most of the time. And there are no rumors of her getting divorced or having an affair. 

As an actress, she has been always in the lime light . She has been in movies as well. Now her net worth is $4 million.