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Home Gossip Legendary Gold Miner Tony Beets' Lifestyle And Net Worth: All About His Career

Legendary Gold Miner Tony Beets' Lifestyle And Net Worth: All About His Career

Sabina Gartaula Mon Aug, 2018
Legendary Gold Miner Tony Beets' Lifestyle And Net Worth: All About His Career

Tony Beets is a Dutch-born gold miner and reality TV star. He is also a cast member on Discovery Channel's Gold Rush. He has worked alongside actors like Todd HoffmanDave TurinParker SchnabelJack Hoffman and many others. 

Born on 15th December 1959, the 58-year-old reportedly has an estimated net worth of $5 million which is all because of his million dollars annual salary. 

Let's find out more about his net worth, salary, and lifestyle. 

Tony Beets Net Worth and Salary

As of 2018, Tony Beets has an estimated net worth of $5 million. However, his net worth is a very controversial topic as numerous sources are claiming different figures.

Some sources claim that his estimated net worth is $15 million while others say that he is in debt. 

CAPTION: Tony Beets SOURCE: Celeb Tattler

But looking at his annual salary of $2 million, it is safe to assume that his estimated net worth is $5 million. The cast of Gold Rush has a salary ranging from $10 thousand to $25 thousand per episode. 

The star of the show Todd Hoffman reportedly makes $25 thousand per episode while another cast member Jack Hoffman makes $10 thousand per episode. 

So, Beets' per episode salary from the show can be estimated at around $15 thousand which means he makes $300,000 per year through the show. 

Watch Beets in Gold Rush.

While the reality TV star makes millions on an annual basis, he also is known to burn money on the most stupid things. In 2017, Beets' and his company Tamarack Inc. was fined $31,000 at Yukon territorial court.

He and his company were found guilty of letting his employees pour gas on a pond and setting it on fire for a stunt video. 

The incident took place in 2014, and the stunt was even broadcasted on Discovery Channel.

Watch the clip here.

However, the thousand dollars did not even make a dent in his estimated $5 million net worth. 

Tony Beets Lifestyle: Cars and Houses

Unlike other reality TV stars, Tony Beets is a very confidential person and prefers keeping his personal life and finances to himself. 

There are no details about the real estates and mansion he owns and the price of the properties. Likewise, details about the cars he drives are also a mystery. 

CAPTION: Tony Beets SOURCE: Yukon News

However, the detail we are aware of is that he is the owner of Tamarack Inc., which alone is worth multi-million dollars. 

And talking about his lifestyle, there are no doubts that he is living a very lavish life, all thanks to his million dollars net worth.