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Home Gossip Mark Althavean Andrews aka Sisqo And Elizabeth Pham Married Life: His Past Affairs & Relationship

Mark Althavean Andrews aka Sisqo And Elizabeth Pham Married Life: His Past Affairs & Relationship

Shree Krishna Fri Mar, 2023
Mark Althavean Andrews aka Sisqo And Elizabeth Pham Married Life: His Past Affairs & Relationship

The American singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actor, Mark Althavean Andrews barely needs any introduction. Mark Althavean Andrews professionally known as Sisqo is one of the successful musicians of his era. Along with a successful professional life, the R&B lead singer has a very interesting personal life.

The father of four Sisqo, 44, who participated in Wife Swap season 2 (2013), swapped his girlfriend Elizabeth Pham. Read the full wife swap story of Sisqo and Gerardo. 

Sisqo Wife Swap Story

In 2013, Sisqo participated in the famous American TV show Wife Swap. In the reality show, the singer swapped his girlfriend Elizabeth with the wife of an American rapper/songwriter Gerardo, Kathy Eicher

So, did this incident affect Sisqo and his relationship with his girlfriend Elizabeth? Let's find out.

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Sisqo and his Girlfriend Elizabeth Pham

Sisqo and his now-girlfriend Elizabeth met for the first time in 2003. In a candid interview for the famous American TV series Wife Swap (2013), the Thong Song singer revealed how the couple met and how the two grew as a couple, just from a normal friend.

The singer says It wasn't love at first sight for the couple as it took a number of years for their relationship to blossom. 

It's been almost fourteen years since the couple knows each other and now the couple is in a live-in relationship. Since they are in a live-in relationship for so long, people often mistake them for husband and wife.

VIDEO: Sisqo happy to call Maple Grove home

However, they haven't tied the knot but lives together in their house in Minnesota, a state in the midwestern and northern regions of the United State of America .with two to their children.

Sisqo And His Girlfriend Are Parents To Two Children

Sisqo and his girlfriend Elizabeth are now proud parents of two children. The first child of the Sisqo family, a son named Ryu was born in July 2012 and the second child, a daughter named Kimiqo was born in October 2014. 

The singer who used to travel around the globe most of the time for his concerts is now living his full time with his family. In an interview in 2015, Sisqo's girlfriend Elizabeth said,

We just felt it was better for our kids to come back home to get the help that we needed, because he's on the road so much, that I have a great support system here.

Such a caring dad!

Along with his two children with Elizabeth, Sisqo also has another two children, shocking isn't it, but yes the singer has a 28 years old daughter, Shaione Andrews from his ex-girlfriend, whom he dated during his high school time, and a son Ian with a Swiss national, who he dated in 1999.

Sisqo and his son Ian 

Sisqo who originally is from Baltimore, met a fan, a Swiss national named Jamila Farid in 1999 during his tour with his band Dru Hill in Zurich, Switzerland.  

The singer hasn't revealed much about his relationship with Jamila, but as per Bossip, Jamila became pregnant with Sisqo's child but the Incomplete singer never showed his concern towards Jamila and their son and denied paternity because he didn't see any resemblance between him and the child, Ian.

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In an interview with Bossip, Jamila stated that Sisqo is a deadbeat dad and all she wants him to do is to look at his son face to face. She said,

I went armed with a photo of Ian to show him. It was clear he remembered me as the girl he had sex with. But not as the girl with the baby. I was shocked at his behaviour and said no. I was so upset I couldn’t bring myself to talk about Ian.

She further added,

He (Ian) should have the right to know where he came from and who he is…
“What has Sisqo to hide? If he isn’t the father then why not prove it? But I know he is the dad and it hurts me he doesn’t want to see Ian. All I want is for Ian to be able to say, ‘That’s my dad.

Despite, what Jamila has claimed, Sisqo hasn't opened up about his paternity over Ian. The truth still remains behind the curtains.

But unlike his feeling for me, n his relationship with his daughter Shaione is pretty good.

Sisqo and his Daughter Shaione

Sisqo during his high school life was in a relationship with another Baltimore native. The couple dated each other for a short period of time.

Sisqo who is on good terms with his girlfriend Elizabeth doesn't like to speak about his past love affairs in the public, however, in an interview with VLAD in 2014, Sisqo mentioned his ex-girlfriend.

Check out the interview in the video below.

His 28 years old daughter currently lives with his father and the rest of the family in Minnesota.

Just like his other two children with Elizabeth, Sisqo loves Shaoine so much.  He even featured his now 22-year-old daughter in his hit song, "Thong Song" while she was just 4.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2014, Sisqo mentioned that he had another affair with the person from whom he was inspired to make his hit song, "Thong Song", however, he did not mention the name of the girl.

Despite all his controversies in regard to his past love affairs, Sisqo is now living a happy married life with his girlfriend Elizabeth, and their children.

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