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Home Gossip Married since 1981, Actor Tony Cox and his Wife Otelia Cox an Epitome of Perfect Couple

Married since 1981, Actor Tony Cox and his Wife Otelia Cox an Epitome of Perfect Couple

Rabina Koirala Tue Sep, 2016
Married since 1981, Actor Tony Cox and his Wife Otelia Cox an Epitome of Perfect Couple

In a world where people go through several breakups and divorces before being able to settle down with one actor Tony Cox was lucky enough to have found his soulmate when he was in high school. Tony, 60, met Otelia, his wife of 35 years when they were both in high school. Tony and Otelia were classmates. 

They started their relationship as friends, later becoming best friends and hence inseparable. Well, the couple who is married since 1983, is in fact, an inspiration for a lot of lovebirds who are looking forward to keeping up with their wedding vows. 

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Tony Cox Asked Otelia Cox To Be His Prom Date

Tony and Otelia started off not only in the most cliched way but also through one of the most romantic dates. Tony asked Otelia to be his prom date. So it may be safe to say that their official relationship began when Tony popped the prom date question. 

A source reported, that their prom date must have been awkward at first. But they were bound to get super comfortable with each other- they were best friends for quite long, after all. 

They continued dating until their graduation.

Tony Proposed Otelia After Graduation 

Tony Cox, the very lovable actor, may seem too cool for school in most of his movies, but we must admire the fact that he waited up until his education was completed to get down on his knees and ask Otelia to be his better half. 

Tony, who is mostly known for his role in Bad Santa, then walked down the aisle with his longtime girlfriend in 1983. With that, it makes more than 38 years of the couple together enjoying a lavish lifestyle, as of 2020. 

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The duo currently resides in Manhattan, New York, with no rumors of extramarital affairs nor of separation. 

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Blessed With A Child 

From their marriage of around four decades, the Cox duo have one child together.

The Cox family is very private. They don't make public appearances and give out interviews. The Date Movie actor Tony Cox has not even revealed the name of his kid nor the gender. 

They also have two pets, whom they love as their own children. 

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What do you think of this couple? Aren't they perfect for each other? And do you think celebrities should share at least basic details of their personal lives with their fans? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick facts about Tony Cox:

Who is Tony Cox's wife?

Otelia Cox is Tony Cox's wife.

When did Tony Cox and Otelia Cox get married?

Otelia Cox and Tony Cox exchanged their marital vows in 1981.

How many kids do Tony Cox and Otelia Cox have?

Tony Cox and Otelia Cox have a single child, but it is not known if they have a daughter or a son.

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