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Home Gossip Disclose Megyn Kelly's Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, House, Career, Income, Contracts, and more!

Disclose Megyn Kelly's Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, House, Career, Income, Contracts, and more!

Mahammad Arsad shekh Fri Apr, 2023
Disclose Megyn Kelly's Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, House, Career, Income, Contracts, and more!

Wife of Author Douglas BruntMegyn Kelly is a name that stands out from the herd of mediocrity. The woman with fame, fortune, and money, Megyn has already established herself as a famous face in American television.

This pretty face is a television interviewer, host as well as a political commentator for Fox News Channel. With her talent, skill and magnetic charm, she is earning herself a lavish lifestyle and a lot of money.

Kelly is a youth icon for people around the world. Well, we are sure, you must be wondering about her bank balance and net worth. If yes, then come and discover the fact. We will let you know about her current net worth and her major source of income. Just stay with us:

Megyn Kelly' Net Worth and Salary

Talent and hard work have always been said to pay you a lot in terms of money. Moreover, if you are talented enough to be the face of television, you are going to be paid a lot more. Megyn Kelly as a talented and likable celebrity falls in the same league of earners who add dollars to their account every passing day.

Megan Kelly

Megyn Kelly   Source: earnthenecklace

Over the past few years, Megyn Kelly has considerably added a lot to her account with her increased demand and likability as a host or let us say a television personality.

By the start of 2013, Kelly is estimated to be paid off over $6 million. This was right around the time she renegotiated her latest Fox News contract, which is up in the summer of 2017.

However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly’s salary might now be worth as much as $9 million per year and her net worth is as high as $15 million as of 2017.

As of 2019, Megyn Kelly's net worth was reported to be around $30 million. She signed a three-year contract worth $69 million with NBC. Currently, in 2023 Megyn earns an annual salary of $8 million and enjoys a net worth of $45 million.

Kelly's and Dan's house when they got married

Kelly's and Dan's house when they got married  Source: Dailymail

After getting married, Megyn and Dan settled in Alexandria, Virginia, a wealthy suburb of the nation's capital, buying a $640,000 townhouse in 2004. But within two years of their marriage, the couple divorced.

After being single, Kelly bought herself a new house for $585,000 in the same Stonegate development. But soon the property came to crash.

Kelly's previous house

Kelly's previous house  Source: Dailymail

Kelly ended up hanging on to it for years after she had moved to New York to become a Fox News star. Thus she sold the house in 2013, losing $70,000 on the deal. The money she got after selling this house also adds up to her recent net worth.

Megyn Kelly's Source of Income

Megyn Kelly started making money a lot before she began her career in broadcasting. Before broadcasting, she worked as the Marketing Manager for the Hockey Hall of fame for several years.

For more than a decade, she was a corporate lawyer, and when she moved to Washington, D.C. in 2003, she decided she wanted to become a journalist.

Kelly as Lawer  Source: Vanity Fair

Kelly’s background in the law enabled her to provide a thoughtful analysis of legal stories and helped her become a Fox News anchor.

The Fox News Channel that was launched in 1996 became the major source of her income. She has been working for the channel since 2005. But recently, Megyn Kelly blames Fox News CEO Roger Ailes for sexually abusing her. She is about to resign from Fox News Channel and move to NBC.


It has been about twelve years working on the Fox News Channel, and she was working with the same love and passion exactly as she worked during her initial days in her career as a broadcaster until she decided to leave the channel. No wonder she has a whopping net worth of $15 million U.S. dollars.