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Home Gossip Meteorologist Kathy Sabine And Husband Scott Crawford Married Since 2005 Without Divorce Rumors

Meteorologist Kathy Sabine And Husband Scott Crawford Married Since 2005 Without Divorce Rumors

Ashmita Karki Sat Oct, 2016
Meteorologist Kathy Sabine And Husband Scott Crawford Married Since 2005 Without Divorce Rumors

Kathy Sabine, one of the famous meteorologists, is married to her husband Scott Crawford. Although this duo has different career interests, like Kathy is a meteorologist while Crawford is a chef, their hearts seem to be matching. They are married since 2005 and are still together without having any rumors related to their divorce.

They are one of those couples who do not like to get involved in any kind of rumors and controversy. That’s why Kathy Sabine and Scott Crawford are doing so well in their married life without divorce rumors.

Kathy Sabine and Scott Crawford affair

There is no information about when and where the Emmy-winning Chief Meteorologist, who has worked with Bill O'Reilly and Bret Baier, and 9NEWS’s chief forecaster, Kathy Sabine, met Scott Crawford, a custom home builder who built her Douglas County pad. But according to a close source, this couple met through one of their mutual friends.

After their first encounter, they seemed to like each other and eventually ended up getting married. After having an affair for a number of years, they decided to get married.

Image:Meteorologist Kathy Sabine

Kathy Sabine and Scott Crawford married

Meteorologist Kathy Sabine seems to be a secretive person when it comes to her personal life. Therefore, she has not revealed much about her marriage. 
However, we know that Sabine and Crawford got engaged in May 2005. During an interview, she admitted that Crawford’s proposal was unexpected. She also said: “It was very elegant and sweet. And a big surprise.”

Image: Meteorologist Kathy Sabine's husband Scott Crawford

But there is no information available about where and how Sabine and Scott Crawford got married. The only thing we know is that they tied the knot in the same year — 2005. Ever since that day, this amazing pair has been living their married life happily with no rumors of divorce.

Kathy Sabine and Scott Crawford children

Scott Crawford has two sons from his previous marriage while  Kathy Sabine has a boy and a girl. Talking about the children from their marriage, they have not revealed anything about this matter. However, according to a source close to this couple, this duo has two sons and a daughter of their own.

Image: Meteorologist Kathy Sabine with one of her baby

Sabine, who has a massive net worth is a very inspiring person, and Kathy, besides journalism, Kathy is involved in charity work as well. She is one of the founding board members of ‘Teen with a Dream,’ which is a youth cancer organization. She is also involved with the National Western Stock Show, Colorado Horse Council, and local 4H and FFA organizations. However, she is not only an outstanding personality but is also a very understanding wife and a loving mother.

Kathy Sabine and Scott Crawford's divorce?

Sabine and Scott Crawford seem to be the ‘couple goal’ kind of couple. It has already been 11 years of their togetherness as a husband and wife, but still, they look like young lovers in love.

image: Meteorologist Kathy Sabine


Meteorologist Kathy Sabine, who workes with Kevin Corke at the KUSA-9NEWS, has always been faithful towards her husband Scott Crawford as she has never cheated on him. Similarly, Crawford has also never had any kind of extra-marital relationship or a secret girlfriend. To date, there is no rumor of divorce between this amazing couple.