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Home News "Mother was never kind to me", Soon-Ye Previn accuses Mia Farrow of abuse while defending Woody Allen

"Mother was never kind to me", Soon-Ye Previn accuses Mia Farrow of abuse while defending Woody Allen

Eden Tue Sep, 2018

Soon-Ye Previn has finally broken her silence in a step to defend her husband Woody Allen against the allegations of molestation. Following that, she has also accused her mother Mia Farrow of abusing her physically and mentally in her childhood. 

As what came out as a controversial interview on Sunday, September 16, in the Vulture Magazine, Soon-Ye Previn talks about her relationship with husband Woody Allen. During her interview, she also talked about her mother who was not too gentle with her. 

My mother was never kind to me, never civil!

Mia Farrow, her mother was Woody's partner for a significant amount of time from 1980 to 1992. During that time, Previn was still growing up as Mia's child (age 22 in 1992). 

CAPTION: Woody Allen with her then family with Mia Farrow as the wife and Soon-Ye Previn as child
SOURCE: DailyMail

According to the molestation reports, Dylan Farrow, one of Mia's child and Soon-Ye's siblings, was 7 years' old when she faced such molestation from Woody Allen. Allen has always denied the allegations and has not been charged till now. 

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CAPTION: Woody Allen with wife Soon-Ye Previn SOURCE: Vanity Fair

During the interview, Previn talked about the accusations and stated that it was Mia Farrow, her mother, who was pushing Dylan to exploit the #MeToo movement and take revenge against Allen. 

What happened to Woody is so upsetting, so unjust. Mia has taken advantage of the #MeToo Movement and paraded Dylan as a victim. And a whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn't.

This statement of Soon-Ye Previn sparked controversies all around the internet. In a reply to her accusations, her sibling sister, Dylan Farrow issued a statement on her Twitter account denying that her mother coached her of playing the victim. 

Woody Allen molested me when I was seven years old, part of a documented pattern of inappropriate, abusive touching that led a judge to say there was no evidence I was coached and that it was unsafe for me to be in Woody Allen's presence. 

Further, Dylan also supported her mother saying that she grew up in a wonderful home, filled with love, that her mother created. 

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She talked of her allegation against Woody Allen saying,

I continue to be an adult woman making a credible allegation unchanged for two decades, backed up by evidence. 

And finally, Dylan Farrow ended her tweet talking about her mother being targeted. 

My only hesitation has been the way my mother is targeted as a result, as in the case here.

While talking about Mia Farrow, all of her siblings but Soon-Ye Previn and Moses Farrow, stated in one interview that, their mother was caring and giving and also accused Previn of being unfair to her. 

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While trying to contact Mia Farrow following her daughter Soon-Ye Previn's allegations, her rep declined to talk anything about that. 

Currently, Soon-Ye Previn and $80 million net worth bearing Woody Allen are together as a married couple and have two adopted children, Bechet Dumaine Allen, and Manzie Tio Allen