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Home Gossip Nathan Andersen's Wife A. J. Cook's Net Worth in 2017: Know About Her Lifestyle & Husband

Nathan Andersen's Wife A. J. Cook's Net Worth in 2017: Know About Her Lifestyle & Husband

Himadri Hamal Tue Jul, 2022
Nathan Andersen's Wife A. J. Cook's Net Worth in 2017: Know About Her Lifestyle & Husband

They say celebrities are not public properties and have the full right to keep their private life private, but don't they owe a bit to their fans who want to be part of their celebrations? After all, they are nothing without their fans and followers.

In this context let's talk about A.J. Cook aka Jennifer Jareau "J.J" in the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. She is one of the tenth richest Hollywood celebrities of 2017 and has an estimated net worth of $215 million.

She is the wife of popular producer and editor Nathan Andersen. A.J. Cook has also appeared in films such as The Virgin Suicides (1999), Out Cold (2001), and Final Destination 2 (2003). However, The versatile lady made her 4 million dollar fortune with Dead Like Me & Goosebumps. Hence, no one can ignore the fact that A.J.cook is enjoying her life by dancing for millions and millions of dollars with her husband and children.

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How much does A.J. Cook earn per episode in Criminal Minds? Not less than $100,000

Reportedly, A.J.Cook currently earns $100,000 per episode from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. Well, $100,000, which in fact, is a great amount. Just imagine, what would you have done if your net worth would be the same as that of A.J.COOK? 

Let's dig a little deeper, although recently A.J. is considered the highest-paid Hollywood, actress. However, In 2015, It looked like the actress’s outstanding career was rolling down. But, all of a sudden, she managed to get back to the top. According to the recent reports from People With Money in its (Saturday, July 29th report) Cook Highest-Paid Actress in the World, pulled in an astonishing $75 million between June 2016 and June 2017, a nearly $40 million lead over her closest competition.

A.J. COOK is an adventure lover & loves spending half of her income on an adventure

 A.J Cook is a lady who loves the beauty of nature. But it's natural right? The versatile lady A.J. is often seen being engaged in adventurous activities. Recently on earth day, she went on rock climbing, and here are some glimpses where she is seen in action. She posted some of the pictures on her Instagram that went viral. 

So, let's see the pictures she posted on earth day here:



Happy #earthday. ?? Get out there and enjoy/love her. #mothernature

A post shared by AJ Cook (@ajcook) on


She is one of the active members who use social media at its best. By seeing the pictures that she often posts on her social networking sites, one cannot deny accepting that she is a real adventure lover.

A.J.COOK and her better half  are often seen roaming around together

A.J. Cook and her husband love each other's company and are often spotted together in public places. Despite being one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses, she doesn't feel shameful to have a ride in an ordinary not-so-expensive scooter. Don't believe us?

Here is proof of what we just said, have a look.



Always wear protection. @ajcook #freethenipple #tuttiamorefoshodo #scootscoot #italy #shortshorts #tbt

A post shared by Nathan Andersen (@nathanandy) on


Well, seems like the couple is meant to be together. Don't you think so? As the pair look picture-perfect, we think they define the term "happily married". And the most wonderful thing that's common about this couple is they love spending time with their two sons who both the couple are family personnel.

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A.J. Cook loves traveling with her kids whenever she is free

As mentioned earlier A.J. Cook is a family person and she loves spending most of her time with her adorable sons. She even shared some of the photographs on a social networking site with her kids and friends when she visited Disneyland in Japan. 


Hanging with Walt. #Disneyland

A post shared by AJ Cook (@ajcook) on


A.J. COOK loves traveling, spending her surplus time with kids and husband and despite being an actress she even loves adventure and keeps on being engaged in adventurous activities. So, now you do have an estimation of her lifestyle we hope the net worth she holds is justified.

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Summary About Nathan Andersen

What is Nathan Andersen's net worth?

As of 2022, she has a net worth of around $215 million.

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