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Home Gossip Nelly Furtado and husband Demacio Castellon married since 2008 without divorce rumors

Nelly Furtado and husband Demacio Castellon married since 2008 without divorce rumors

Ashmita Karki Mon Sep, 2016
Nelly Furtado and husband Demacio Castellon married since 2008 without divorce rumors

British Columbia-born singer Nelly Furtado is married to Demacio Castellon. It has already been many years of this couple’s togetherness as a husband and wife. Despite being married for so many years, their relationship is going really well without any divorce rumors.

Nelly Furtado and Demacio Castellon’s affair

Furtado first met Castellon while she was recording her album ‘Loose Furtado’ in 2006. Castellon and Furtado even worked together for her album, ‘Loose’. They started dating soon after that, and their affair bloomed. They dated for almost two years and later decided to get married.

 Nelly Furtado and Demacio Castellon's marriage

Furtado and Castellon got married on 19th July 2008. However, they married secretly. Thus, not much information about where Furtado got married or other details are available. However, during an interview with PEOPLE post her wedding, she shared her happiness by saying: “I Love it. It’s a nice phase of my life.”

She further added: “I just feel kind of free and relaxed and more in tune with trying not to be so stressed out. [I'm] trying to enjoy things a little more. I'm happy ... I'm excited about the future."

Nelly Furtado Husband

Furtado’s husband Demacio Castellon is a sound engineer. He is a Political Science graduate from the University of Florida. He is not as famous as Furtado, but he is frequently seen collaborating with Timbaland.

Image: Demacio Castellon

Nelly Furtado and Demacio Castellon Children

Furtado has a daughterNevis Gahunia, from her previous relationship with DJ and producer, Jasper "Lil' Jaz" Gahunia. However, they never married and broke up their four-year-long relationship in 2005.
However, Furtado does not have any kids with Castellon. In the past, there were some rumors that Furtado is expecting a child. But the rumor appeared to be incorrect. Thus except for a daughter, Furtado does not have any children.

Image: Nelly Furtado spotted with her daughter Nevis

Nelly Furtado and Demacio Castellon’s married life

Despite being married for 8 years, Furtado and Castellon look very happy with one another. This pair seems like they just fell in love yesterday. Their relationship is undoubtedly going really well. Furtado has never cheated on her husband as she did not date any guy after being married to him. Thus there is no rumor of divorce between this amazing couple.


Image: Gorgeous Nelly Furtado during Canada Walk of Fame

However, nobody knows what the future hold. What do you guys think about this couple? Do you think that they will get a divorce anytime soon? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below.