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Home Gossip Net worth of MSNBC's gay anchor Steve Kornacki might make your jaw drop and his salary is high too

Net worth of MSNBC's gay anchor Steve Kornacki might make your jaw drop and his salary is high too

Shreya Pokharel Thu Jul, 2016
Net worth of MSNBC's gay anchor Steve Kornacki might make your jaw drop and his salary is high too

The recent Orlando shooting was a shock to everyone and somehow gave a clear picture of where the rights of gay people stand. It might just make you lose your faith in humanity (which I am pretty sure of).

That’s exactly what most of you felt towards the heart-wrenching incident. But guys and girls, humanity is still alive, and a live example of this is the life of Steve Kornacki. Today, on deck, get to know about MSNBC's gay anchor Steve Kornacki's net worth and salary, which is reported to be high.

How much is MSNBC's gay anchor Steve Kornacki's Net Worth and Salary?

Steve Kornacki, whose age is 39, is a very famous American political writer and television host and is critically acclaimed for his writings in The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and The New York Times too. These are just some of the newspapers, but the list is long- let me just inform you of that.

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Caption: Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki who was born on August 22, 1979, is the very favorite Monday anchor of the MSNBC program- MTP Daily. Not just that, he is also the political analyst of the channel’s breaking or any live news and how can we forget the 2016 presidential elections? - He does it all.

So much to do, and you think he is not even paid properly for it. You got there so wrong because Steve Kornacki's net worth is more than $2 million. Yes, you read it right but hey, no doubts alright. He deserves every penny of it.

Caption: Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki' Professional Career

Kornacki is a graduate of the Boston University, and he followed his dream and pursued his career as a journalist. After graduation, he worked as a reporter for, and since then the man has literally been on a roll for his articles (get the Orlando reference more clearly now).

Almost all his articles have been published in major international newspapers and have been loved by the readers. I mean, who wouldn’t though? Joining the writing staff of Salon in 2010, Steve Kornacki made a major revelation about him being gay through it and that just increases all the respect people have for him. Mine as well.

Caption: Steve Kornacki

As of now, Steve is the permanent host of Meet the Press, and he has literally worked hard for this position. But not at all a bad idea no - such big workings and contacts fetched him such a huge salary and enabled him to have a high earning.

They say right - if nothing, your money, and work do speak a lot for you. And in the case of Steve, it is shouting out pretty loud for him.

We just wish to see the lucky guy who has the company of this man, but Steve has maintained the secrecy pretty well and has told time and again about not having an affair.

Well, we will just believe you. Steve, we wish for you to have more success and really big cheers for all your success and achievements till now.