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Home Gossip News Presenter Sophy Ridge is Married: Know about her affairs boyfriend

News Presenter Sophy Ridge is Married: Know about her affairs boyfriend

Mahammad Arsad shekh Thu Feb, 2017
News Presenter Sophy Ridge is Married: Know about her affairs boyfriend

A woman with glistening charm and magnetic aura Sophy Ridge is an influential face in the world of broadcasting. The beautiful news presenter has often been hot news for media with her impactful stories displaying as the headlines on every news channel.

Well, the blond beauty like as in her professional career is no less in her personal life-giving every guy goosebumps every time her face strikes upon their eyes. So no doubt you might be wondering who that lucky guy is, who occupies a special place in her heart. Okay, let's move on and discover her secrets. Just stay with us.

Is Sophy Ridge single, or dating someone? Is she engaged with anyone?

It's never easy to hide a truth, and moreover, if the truth is about someone like Sophy Ridge, it becomes more of a buzz. Well, the long-kept secret about the couple has finally made its way out of the hidden box.

Scrolling down her Instagram profile, we found some evidence that finally points towards Sophy Ridge's involvement in a romantic relationship. However, her denial regarding the rumors has always kept the public, media, and her fans in dilemma.



Padlocks #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge #california

A photo posted by Sophy Ridge (@sophyridge) on

Have a look at the picture above, do you know what does it mean. It the picture of the golden gate bridge on which whenever a couple locks a lock, it is believed to also lock their relationship together forever.

Sophy Ridge herself had posted this picture of the golden gate bridge which also means that she went for the trip to San Francisco. This fact clearly points towards the probability of her relationship with someone.



Ready to go live... thanks for the hair & make up today @ruthhiggins_mua @emmarankin ??

A photo posted by Sophy Ridge (@sophyridge) on

In another picture, Sophy Ridge was seen wearing a ring in her ring finger. What does it mean? It might show that Sophy is already engaged or married to someone.

Is this information is enough to prove that Sophy Ridge is married? Absolutely not, however, the ring is obviously a hint regarding her romantic relationship.

A big revelation: Sophy Ridge is Married

The long-kept secret final has been revealed. After the release of her Instagram picture showing her in a marriage attire, the media have been subsequently talking about her being married.



Beautiful French/English wedding in Rodez... #100happydays #day99

A photo posted by Sophy Ridge (@sophyridge) on

The biggest revelation is that Sophy Ridge is married, though the information about her husband is not revealed yet. Their marriage ceremony was conducted in the church of Rodez located in France on 25th August of 2014.

From the day of their marriage, the couple has been traveling in various places. But we are able to find only some of them. Well, we will show you some of their photos while they went on the trip together.



Last few moments before travelling back home.... Thanks for having us #california ... #pointreyes

A photo posted by Sophy Ridge (@sophyridge) on  

Scrolling down her Instagram profile, we found this picture. It shows that the couple went to California for their trip and spent their memorable moment at the lakeside of Point Reyes lake.



The first glimpse of the sea from Highway 1 #roadtrip #california

A photo posted by Sophy Ridge (@sophyridge) on

Also, the above picture also shows that the couple also went and experienced the first glimpse of the sea for the first time from the Highway while having a road trip in California.

Moreover, nearly a year ago the Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge has appeared nailing the rap in Gangsta's Paradis, which went viral all over the world.

Video: Sophy Ridge nailing the rap in Gangsta's Paradis

Although there has not been any revelation regarding who exactly her husband is, the available proofs decently point towards the fact that she is involved in a married relationship.

Sophy Ridge seems to be maintained her professional life and personal life equally and leading her married life happily. Her fans want to see her succeed in whatever she does and we are no exception. We wish her all the very best for the future.