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Home Gossip Paula Zahn Is Dating Paul Fribourg After Divorcing Husband Richard Cohen, Her Love Life

Paula Zahn Is Dating Paul Fribourg After Divorcing Husband Richard Cohen, Her Love Life

Sabina Gartaula Thu Jan, 2018

Paula Ann Zahn is an American journalist and newscaster best known for her appearance on channels like ABC News, CNN, Fox News, and CBS News. Currently, the 66-year-old is working as a producer and host on documentary series based on true stories, On the Case with Paula Zahn. The show airs on Investigation Discovery Channel. 

Moving towards her personal life, the TV personality, who has an estimated net worth of $12 million, has been through a very rocky road in her relationships. She divorced her first husband, Richard Cohen, in 2007, and she is currently dating one of her ex's friends Paul Fribourg.

The story of her love life is quite twisted. Below we are going to share with you some information about her divorce and current relationship:

Paula Zahn And Ex-husband Richard Cohen: Marriage And Divorce

Paula was previously married to Richard Cohen, a real estate tycoon. The pair started dating back in 1986 and tied the knot in the following year, 1987

Paula Zahn with ex-husband Richard Cohen

Paula Zahn with ex-husband Richard Cohen  Source: Daily Mail

Together, they have three children. Their first child Haley was born in 1990, followed by their second child Jared in 1994, and finally, their third child Austin in 1997. 

The couple was together for 21 years until they decided to call it quits. They separated in April of 2007. 

As their divorce news started to get more attention, it was revealed that Paula left Cohen because of the lack of intimacy between them. According to reports, the couple was physically distant for a while, and Paula had already begun an affair with an American businessman Paul Fribourg, her husband's friend a year before they got divorced. Moreover, Cohen learned about her fling only after he found her private diary, which shocked him. 

However, the majority of reports claim that she decided to divorce her husband for two decades after he mismanaged her earnings for 20 years. 

Nonetheless, the couple was still ready to take care of their three children and avoided talking about the topic with their children. 

Paula Zahn's Relationship With Paul Fribourg

As mentioned above, Paula cheated on her ex-husband with her current boyfriend, Paul Fribourg. They started dating back in 2006, a year before Paula separated from Cohen. 

They are together to date and have been dating for the past 13 years. Apart from being in a relationship, there is not much buzz about them. Moreover, they are neither married nor have any children together.