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Home Gossip Penny Wong is in Relationship with Sophie Allouache, Know about their Married Life and Children

Penny Wong is in Relationship with Sophie Allouache, Know about their Married Life and Children

Chandra Rana Thu Nov, 2017
Penny Wong is in Relationship with Sophie Allouache, Know about their Married Life and Children

Penny Wong, with her full name Penelope Ying-Yen Wong, is an Australian politician representing South Australia since 2002. Penny serving currently as the Leader of the Opposition in Senate is a member of the Labour Party and a life partner of Sophie Allouache.

Penny, an openly lesbian, is also a loving parent of 2 children, whom she shares with Sophie Allouache. Let's know about the married life of the couple and their children.

Penny's married life with Sophie and their children

Penny, who came out as a lesbian on July 1, 2002, had not spoken much about her personal life until the issue of the same-sex marriage rose. It was then that she revealed about her relationship with Sophie Allouache to raise awareness about the issue and give it a boost.

Even though Penny and Sophie are together, they have not given the details about their marriage nor about their relationship. Probably, they have been together for a long time after getting married in a secret ceremony.

Penny Wong

Penny Wong

Source: blog

Penny and Sophie

 Penny with her beau, Sophie

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You might be thinking, Penny and Sophie are parents, but how? Well, their first child, a daughter named Alexandra, was conceived by Sophie through IVF. The couple had revealed about Sophie's pregnancy was back in December 2010. After he birth, Alexandra was all over the internet in August 2011.

Penny and Sophie with their first child

Penny and Sophie with their first child, Alexandra

Source: abc

While the issue of same-sex-marriage gained much traction in Australia and was carried to the legislature there, Sophie and Penny were blessed with another child again. The couple became parents to their second child, whom they welcomed on April 7, 2015.

Penny on her tweet talked about the baby girl and said that they had named her Hannah.


Penny also revealed that Hannah was conceived through IVF, like her elder sister, and that the sperm donor in both the cases was the same person. However, she also added that she wanted to keep the identity of the person secret.

When Penny was asked about time management after she became a mother, she gave an easy and inspiring reply:

The unfortunate reality is that Sophie does the Lion's share of the work and we're lucky to have my mum and Sophie's parents , who are very supportive.

Penny is really an inspiring and strong woman. Best wishes for her future.

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Penny's dedication leads to Happiness 

Well, you are already aware of Penny's contribution to make same-sex marriage legal in Australia. But apart from being a politician, Penny, herself a lesbian, has also become a role model for those like her. Here we have a recent tweet by Penny, where she shares her happiness.

The Penny and those like her finally won after a long battle on November 15, 2017, when Australia decided in favor of same-sex marriages. 

Penny Wong crying after her victorious effort in Australia

Penny Wong crying after the survey on the same-sex marriage received a big 'Yes'

Source: dailymail

A big moment for Penny and Australia, Congratulations!!

Stay tuned for more updates on Penny.