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Home Gossip American Actor Sam Elliott's Career And Net Worth: His Professional Life

American Actor Sam Elliott's Career And Net Worth: His Professional Life

Nisha Bohara Tue Aug, 2018
American Actor Sam Elliott's Career And Net Worth: His Professional Life

Samuel Pack Elliott, a.k.a Sam Elliott, is an American actor. Sam has appeared in numerous roles throughout his career as an actor. His skinny body, harsh voice, and thick mustache have always dragged him to be the first choice to play cowboys and ranchers. 

With his career as an actor, Elliott has managed to appear in movies like Road House (1989), The Big Lebowski (1998),  Mask(1985),  Gettysburg (1993), Tombstone (1993), We Were Soldiers (2002), and Ghost Rider (2007). His involvement in movies like this has concluded him in earning a huge net worth. Find about his assets, salary, and career along with us.

Net worth And Salary of Sam Elliott

According to the sources, Sam Elliott is the owner of the tremendous net worth of $16 million. He has earned this sum by involving himself in different characters for numerous films.

He has been the part of successful movies like Tombstone(1993), The Final Cut(1995), Dog Watch(1996), Up in the Air(2009), The Hero (2017), A Star is Born (2018), and many more.

Find about the highest grossing movies of Sam Elliott?

  1. We Were Soldiers (2002) – $114,660,784
  2. Tombstone (1993) – $56,505,065
  3. Mask (1985) –  $48,230,162
  4. Road House (1989) –  $30,050,028
  5. Gettysburg (1993) – $10,769,960

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Moreover, Sam was also involved with television series like Felony Squad, Lancer, Mannix, Hawkins, You Know My Name, Avenger, American Dad!, Grace and Frankie and many more. These series also have further helped in making his net worth.

The 74-year-old man most recently appeared in the role of Calvin Barr in the movie The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot alongside Aidan Turner, Mark Lund, and Caitlin Fitzgerald. The movie managed to gross quite a considerable amount at the box office leading Sam to earn more.

Sam Elliot’s Houses And Cars

Sam Elliot is quite secretive about his houses. Elliot, who spent most of his childhood days in Oregon, is very fond of houses. Upon asking about his Oregon house, he says:

“My mom’s house is still there (in Oregon), and we still own it. I’ve got a place in the Willamette Valley, down near Eugene. I’m ultimately hoping to move back to Oregon.”

At present, he lives in Malibu, California, with his wife Katharine Ross. There is not much information about his Malibu house. Below we have listed his photos which are taken on his Malibu property.

CAPTION: Sam Elliott's Malibu House
SOURCE: greeningz

Elliot also has a wide collection of cars. Although he has also kept his cars collection secret, he is a rich man with huge assets and property for sure!

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