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Home Gossip YouTube Blogger Boogie2988's Unsuccessful Married Life With Wife Desiree Williams: Past Affairs

YouTube Blogger Boogie2988's Unsuccessful Married Life With Wife Desiree Williams: Past Affairs

Sabina Gartaula Wed Jul, 2018
YouTube Blogger Boogie2988's Unsuccessful Married Life With Wife Desiree Williams: Past Affairs

Steven Jason Williams, widely recognized by his YouTube channel name Boogie2988, is an American video blogger and a YouTube sensation. With over 4.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Boogie2988 is among the most famous people on YouTube. 

Born on 24th July 1947, the 43-year-old's divorce with ex-wife Desiree Williams was finalized in 2018, and many new things are happening in his life now. So, how was his married life with the ex-wife and what about his current relationship status? Let's know.

Boogie2988's Marital Life and Divorce with Ex-Wife Desiree Williams

Boogie2988, who is a YouTube blogger with $1 million net worth, was previously married to his ex-wife Desiree Williams.

The duo is known to work together on his channel, and Desiree has also made a few appearances in some of the oogie2988's videos. 

The exact date of when they started dating or how they met is unknown, but after dating for a few years, Boogie proposed Desiree Williams in the most adorable way possible.

Boogie2988 uploaded a video on YouTube on 27th July 2012 and proposed his future wife through the video. 

Watch the proposal video here.

They tied the knot in the following year in October of 2013. Despite their lovely proposal and the marriage which seemed almost perfect, they had a lot of problems.

Boogie is obese and also has anxiety which created a lot of problems throughout their marriage. Despite these problems, they were together through thick and thin.

But his Twitter post of September 2017, fired up the divorce rumors.

On 20th December 2017, while the couple was surrounded by divorce rumors, Boogie2988, who has also worked with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage confirmed that they were indeed getting a divorce.

Watch the video here.

In the video which is over 11 minutes long, he spoke about the reason behind the divorce and much more. 

Likewise, even after the divorce he was very vocal and spoke out about the problems he was facing because of it. One he even tweeted that his divorce was expensive because it was worth it. 

Nonetheless, things have changed for Boogie, and he has moved on from the divorce. 

So, is he dating someone? Let's find out.

Who is Boogie2988 Dating After Divorce?

After his divorce with ex-wife Desiree Williams, Boogie2988 is currently single and living for the betterment of his life and health. He has not gotten involved in any kind of romantic relationship after it and neither the information on his past affairs are out.

Matter of fact, there are not even any rumors related to Boogie2988's love life. 

As of now, he is focusing on losing weight and making his channel grow, and whenever he is lonely, his best friend, his dog names Sammie gives him company. 


Best doggo in the world.

A post shared by boogie2988 (@realboogie2988) on

Sammie can be found all over Boogie2988's Instagram and also makes rare appearances on his YouTube channel. 

We hope, his life ahead is what makes him happy. 

Quick facts about Boogie2988:

Who is Boogie2988's ex-wife?

Desiree Williams is Boogie2988's ex-wife.

When did Boogie2988 and Desiree Williams get married?

Boogie2988 and Desiree Williams got married in October of 2013.

When did Boogie2988 and Desiree Williams get divorced?

Boogie2988 and Desiree Williams got divorced in 20th December 2017.