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Home Gossip Rumor Of Chip Gaines Being A Gay. His Affairs And Married Life.

Rumor Of Chip Gaines Being A Gay. His Affairs And Married Life.

Shristy Nepal Thu Mar, 2016
Rumor Of Chip Gaines Being A Gay. His Affairs And Married Life.

Chip Gaines is the owner and operator of Magnolia Homes, a remodeling and design business in Waco, Texas, and Chip Gaines along with his wife Joanna Gaines also hosts a show named Fixer Upper.

Well, the handsome dude is happily married to his wife and lives a happy life along with their children. However, there is always a question lingering in the minds of fans regarding Chip Gaines's and Joanna's relationship status, their affairs, and married life. Moreover, Chip has also been rumored to a being gay. Let's find out the truth.

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines: married life

It was a matter of fate how the couple met and eventually fell in love with each other. Joanna met Chip Gaines for the first time in her father's automotive store where Chip once visited to get his brakes done. And since Joanna by that time had already gained little popularity appearing in a few television commercials and advertisements, Chip Gaines instantly identified her and told Joanna that he saw her in the commercials and that is how the pair started dating.



Ten years with this man. It's been a fun journey! #stillsmiling

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Eventually, after knowing each other for almost a year, the couple decided to get married and finally tied the knot in 2003. Chip Gaines and Joanna both previously studied at Baylor University but they never met there. 

Video: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines love story

Moreover, it might be interesting to know that, Chip had planned to marry Joanna Gaines even before they met. In an interview with PopSugar, Chip Gaines had said, "I knew I would marry her one day just by the picture on the wall.  

Well, the couple is now happily married with four children, seems Chip had foreseen his future with her. Prior to his marriage with Joanna Gaines, there have been rumors of his previous love affairs as well as him being gay.

Four Lovely Children

From their married life, the couple has already welcomed four children; two daughters named Ella  Gaines and Emmie Gaines and two sons named Drake Gaines and Duke Gaines. Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines along with their children are happy together.



Chip Gaines' Gay Rumors

Fate always plays quite the twisted role. They are so perfect for each other financially and emotionally. And about Chip Gaines being gay supposedly that is just rumors. I think a smart entrepreneur like Chip would hardly run after stones having such a gem right in front.

Moreover, the guy who is already married and is happy along with his wife and four children, in no way supports the rumors regarding him being gay. Besides, even Chip Gaines has never confirmed any rumors regarding him being gay and has neither reported to be in any extramarital affairs.

Well apart from this, let's just hope this lovely couple achieves more heights of success, and let’s just pray that they are just rumors of Chip Gaines being gay.

Chip Gaines And Joanna Gaines: career and remodeling works

Best known for the hosts of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, the couple also owns a remodeling and design business that brings joy to lots of families by renovating their house which is their major source of income and also has helped them collect a lot of net worth. Chip Gaines is a mastermind in the construction area knows how to fix it and Joana knows to improvise well enough to make the people smile with joy.



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These dynamic duos are just the “Fix-it Felix” from wreck it. Though they risked it they know how to fix it. Their reality show which started in 2013 gained quite the fans and achieved a lot of success. In 2015 they started their next season.