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Home Gossip Actress Sanaa Lathan Was Dating Boyfriend French Montana, Divorced Husband Shemar Moore In 1996. Who is she dating?

Actress Sanaa Lathan Was Dating Boyfriend French Montana, Divorced Husband Shemar Moore In 1996. Who is she dating?

Ashmita Karki Fri Feb, 2023

Sanaa McCoy Lathan is an American actress and voice actress famed for her work on Broadway in A Raisin in the Sun. Along with her successful career, 51-year-old Lathan is also known for her failed relationship with her boyfriend French Montana.

Despite dating many handsome hunks after her divorce from her husband Hollywood actor Shemar Moore, Sanaa McCoy is yet to find a soulmate to enjoy a happy married life. So, who is she dating currently? Let's know all about her relationship, dating, and affairs.

Who is Sanaa Lathan Dating Currently?

Well, probably many of us are not aware that Sanaa Lathan and her rapper boyfriend French Montana are not together. The couple reportedly started dating in 2015, however, after a year of dating they broke up.

So, who is she dating then? Who is her boyfriend? Sadly, as of 2023, Sanaa is not reported to have a boyfriend nor the information about her recent dating issues are out.

Probably, after so many failed relationships, she may have kept herself away from the affairs, love failure really hurts, isn't it?

Currently, Sanaa is alleged to be single, however, she has admitted herself as single nor has talked about her relationship status as taken.

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Probably, the truth will be out in the future. For now, let's take a look at her affair with French Montana.

Sanaa Lathan man should be confident

According to Lathan, the guy in her life needs to be confident as Lathan has to deal with a lot of love chemistry on screen. She said:

"It's not easy dating somebody who goes to work and has to have love scenes with Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut [her co-stars in The Perfect Guy]. You have to be a confident man to deal with that."

Guys, you have to be confident to date such a gorgeous lady. 

Sanaa Lathan and French Montana:  Another Failure in Relationship

Well, it all starts with Lathan's appearance on the Big Boy's Morning Show in September 2015, where she revealed that she was dating.

I am dating.

Lathan also explained about the guy who can win her heart as she said;

I need somebody who is a communicator. I love to talk, I love to share ideas I love to philosophize about life and art. I just love having long talks, I love somebody with a sense of humor..?

You might have thought to give it a shot, haven't you?

Image: Sanna Lathan and French Montana

Image: Sanaa Lathan and French Montana

Source: E! Online

It wasn't all, as there were rumors of her relationship with the singer French Montana, the host didn't hold back to ask if the lucky guy was French.

Even more, in 2016, Sanaa was rumored to be pregnant with her boyfriend French Montana, however, she denied the rumors via her Tweet.

Even though many of her fans hoped the two would make a lovely couple, the scenario somersaulted with their breakup in 2016.

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The hip-hop artist is now allegedly dating an Arabian girl after the breakup with Amber Rose and Rosa Acosta

Sanaa Lathan was married to Shemar Moore: Detail of Past Affairs

Lathan was formerly married to model Shemar Moore. They dated for a while and got engaged in September of 1989. They exchanged vows on 11th May 1990.

However, their married life didn’t go as it was planned, so, they decided to dissolve their marriage. Their divorce got finalized only in 1996.

After her married life collapsed, Sanaa Lathan's tryout for her Mr. Perfect didn't end.

Reportedly, she dated Tyrese Gibson(2008 - 2014), Adewale Ogunleye (2007 - 2008), Terrell Owens (2006), Omar Epps (1999 - 2002), and Boris Kodjoe (1993).

Lathan was also engaged to Steve Rifkind in 2010, with whom she subsequently broke in 2011. And now, she has kept her love life in the shadows from the media flashlight, but there is no doubt that this alluring beauty may pop up with her new spouse in near future.

Till then, we wish her the best for further.

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