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Home Gossip Sexiest Internet Personality Nash Grier in relationship with his girlfriend Taylor Giavasis

Sexiest Internet Personality Nash Grier in relationship with his girlfriend Taylor Giavasis

Ashmita Karki Thu Nov, 2021
Sexiest Internet Personality Nash Grier in relationship with his girlfriend Taylor Giavasis

The sexiest internet personality, Nash Grier broke the heart of many ladies when he confirmed his relationship with Taylor Giavasis. Grier’s love for Giavasis is not just random puppy love, but he is actually desperately in love with her.

Even though Grier and Giavasis tried to keep their relationship a secret, they eventually failed after a year. The pair often appeared in each other’s Snapchat and photos due to which almost all of their fans knew that there was something cooking between the pair.

Nash Grier dating Taylor Giavasis

Grier accepted his relationship with Giavasis through Instagram. He shared a very sweet message to let his fans know the reason behind why the pair’s relationship was a secret and how his better half changed his life for good.

"I've always been told Love isn't something you find - Love is something that finds you & I can definitely say that is the case. This is my best friend. We've been together for over a year now. She's one of the most amazing people I've ever met," 

Nash Grier and Taylor Giavasis

Nash Grier and girlfriend Taylor Giavasis

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Nash Grier had no faith in the relationship before meeting Taylor Giavasis

Grier also revealed that he didn’t believe in relationships when he first met his girlfriend. After some time, Grier started hating people who used relationships for personal gain. Later, he got sick and tired of people abusing others for all the incorrect. Eventually, he started spending time with Giavasis and is glad that he took such a decision.


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Grier, who seems to be madly in love with Giavasis, didn’t fail to praise her as well. He says that all the words lose their meaning and won’t do any justice when he begins to describe his girlfriend. Grier also claims that there’s no sequence of words that can explain his love for Giavasis. He says:

Taylor - Thank you for being you. You've changed my life in SO many ways & I'm so blessed to have you. You've opened up a new world for me, whether it be the new perspectives I can now see from or the new feelings/emotions I get everyday when I'm with you. You continue to make me the best person I can be just by being yourself.

Grier is going great in his career at present. According to him, Giavasis inspires him a lot and he feels really thankful for that. Looking at Grier’s love for Giavasis, it seems like the pair is inseparable. Despite the time, there are no rumors of a breakup between them. We hope that Grier and Giavasis’ love affair finds more success in the coming days.

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