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Home Gossip Simi Garewal rumours of affair with Salman Taseer but Married to Ravi Mohan? Find out

Simi Garewal rumours of affair with Salman Taseer but Married to Ravi Mohan? Find out

Ashmita Karki Wed Nov, 2021
Simi Garewal rumours of affair with Salman Taseer but  Married to Ravi Mohan? Find out

Simi Garewal is a renowned name in the Indian television industry. She has been one of the most demanded actresses of her time and is best known for the movie ‘Mera Naam Joker. Talented Garewal is gorgeous as well. Garewal who was rumored to be dating Salman Taseer was married to Ravi Mohan. Sadly, she divorced Mohan as well. Let’s find out more about Garewal.

Simi Garewal and Salman Taseer's affair

In the 1980s, Garewal’s name was linked with Salman Taseer, who was a successful Pakistani businessman then. However, it is said that Garewal and Taseer’s relationship lasted for a little longer than a year. Despite being the top gossiped couple of the time, Garewal and Taseer appear to break up because of the long-distance, as Taseer was residing in Dubai and Garewal was in India.

Simi Garewal married Ravi Mohan

Karz actress Garewal got hitched to Ravi Mohan who belonged to Delhi’s noble family, the Chunnamals. Garewal and Mohan looked very happy with one another. Their pair was liked and adored by many of Garewal’s fans as well. Sadly, Garewal and Mohan’s marriage didn’t work out as it was planned to. They ended up in a sad divorce.
During an interview with Filmfare, Garewal said: “We were two nice people but not made for each other. It was a long-distance marriage. We started living apart more and more but divorced over a decade later. The good thing is that there was never any ill-will. I’m close to his family even now.”

Simi Garewal's first love

Mohan and Taseer were not the only men that Garewal fell in love with. She was also involved in a romantic love affair with the Maharaja of Jamnagar at a young age of 17. This love affair lasted for three years. Recalling her past memories, Garewal says: “He showed me a wonderful world of animals, sports, and food. Of passion and compassion… we did mad, crazy things but it grew obsessive. I look back at it now with a smile. But I realized what possessiveness could do to a relationship. It cured me forever of jealousy in love.” 

Simi Garewal is optimistic

Garewal is a bold and strong woman who made name for her by herself. Despite having many failed relationships in her life, she does not feel lonely. She expresses her opinions by saying: “When you’re young, you believe marriage is a natural destination. Today, happiness is the destination. And if you’re an independent career woman, you don’t have to be married to be happy. But I have to admit, I love being in love. It makes you more alive. You learn so much from every relationship you go through. No, I am not telling you if I am currently with a man or not. I may or may not be single.” 

Image: Simi Garewal

Thus we cannot confirm whether Garewal is in a relationship or not, as she wants to keep this a secret. However, we can confirm that she is happy with her life and doesn’t regret anything. She says: “There’s no question of being lonely because Simi Garewal is the happiest when she’s working. She only gets miserable when she’s idle. Also, my sister Amrita and my friends are my biggest support system. You may think this is corny but I’ll tell you anyway. We look at our friends like flowers! This one is an orchid; I must nurture and take care of her. This one is a vine – she needs my support… that’s how it goes!”

Isn’t she so inspiring?