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Home Gossip Stage Combat Susanna Thompson is married to Martin Katz. Are they getting Divorce?

Stage Combat Susanna Thompson is married to Martin Katz. Are they getting Divorce?

Richa Fri Mar, 2016

Susanna Thompson was born in 27 January 1958 and this 58 years old lady his highlight not because of her career but because of the story of her divorce with her spouse. This stage combat is questioned whether she is divorcing Martin Katz or not. As she got married with her affair Martin Katz she for the very first time stated in an interview that Martin was a loving spouse compared then being a boyfriend. She is refusing the fact of getting divorce with him and amazed about the latest rumors that has hit the market in the high aspect.

Martin and Susanna met for the first time in their college and she from the very moment started get closer with him. Susanna was a studios student and she was not much interested being in affair but the closeness and attention of Martin made her to think about it. Though there is no any time dictated when this couple got married but it is stated that they got married from the very long time according to their close friends they were even exposed in college where they were sharing their love with each other. Martin proposed Susanna in front of their college mates during the very time.

Susanna never got involved in rumors and her profile about personal information is maintained in distance in the media. She is also not a gay and she is an adventure lover. Her profile in Instagram also seems she is a good traveller and in love with adventure.  Susanna is amazed hearing her divorce story among the media and she is totally neglecting this fact. Susanna is also popular in Twitter these days and she keeps on updating about her information within it. She is also planning to get a new apartment very soon and living a spontaneous life with her spouse.