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Home Gossip American Gamer FaZe Banks' Relationship With Girlfriend Alissa Violet; Their Past Affairs & Engagement

American Gamer FaZe Banks' Relationship With Girlfriend Alissa Violet; Their Past Affairs & Engagement

Chandra Rana Mon Nov, 2018
American Gamer FaZe Banks' Relationship With Girlfriend Alissa Violet; Their Past Affairs & Engagement

Ricky Banks, famed as FaZe Banks, is an American YouTube personality. 27-year-old Banks is blessed with a huge fame and a staggering net worth $10 million. Not to mention, but a major source of his income is his self-titled YouTube channel with over 4.71 million subscribers.

Besides a successful career, the CEO of FaZe Clan, the enormously popular Call of Duty gaming group, is enjoying a lovely relationship with his girlfriend Alissa Violet. The couple was even rumored to be engaged. Curious to know the couple's current relationship stature, datings, past affairs, and marriage plans? Get ready.

FaZe Banks' Relationship With Girlfriend Alissa Violet

FaZe and his bae Alissa have identified themselves as one of the cutest celebrity couples. The couple is reported to be dating since the summer of 2017 and is still together.

It's been a year of their relationship, but their chemistry together seems as if they are made from heaven.

The YouTube gamer's girlfriend Alissa is an Instagram star and a YouTube personality with over 3.7 million subscribers.

CAPTION: Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks SOURCE: Superb Hub

Well, it is still a secret how FaZe and Alissa met and how their relationship began, but it is assumed that the common social media platform worked as the bridge to the romantic relationship.

Surfing through their Instagram, the duos can be seen sharing lovey moments together, and each of the posts reflects a strengthed love and compatibility. 

On August 21, 2018, FaZe Banks shared the memo of their first date, a night out. Check it out!


As for a fact, the couple is yet to be married and has not talked on their marriage plans but we hope the day is not too far.

Banks' Engagement Rumors: True or Not?

Despite all the stories of their beautifully compiled chemistry, there has come a lot of rumors that have, sort of, created hesitancy among fans regarding their romance- one of many being the truth of their engagement.

While it is claimed that Alissa and FaZe are engaged, there is no official proof of surety on the matter.

The rumors of their engagement first made to the media shortly after the duo shared a few cozy posts of themselves together.

Further, Alissa Violet's posted message on her Twitter on September 8, 2017 came out as a full-proof assurance of their engagement

However, the lack of further updates on priorly-announced engagement became a major threat to the truth about their engagement.

Having said this, sources claim that in one of her medical document, FaZe Banks lists Alissa as his 'fiance' for his emergency contact, which yet again leaves all their fans in a, sort of, Catch 22 situation. 

Fingers crossed! Hope the truth comes out one day.

Past Affairs

Failure leads to smart choices, and it seems true for Faze Banks and his girlfriend Alissa Violet. Both of them have moved up from the tragedy of failed affairs in the past.

Probably, many of us are familiar that Alissa is the ex-girlfriend of YouTuber star Jake Paul. The former duos dated from 2015 to 2017, before breaking up, citing infedility as the reason.

Also, after the break up with Paul, Alissa was rumored to have hooked up with Jake's older brother, Logan Paul, in 2017. Though, the confirmation never came to existence.

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CAPTION: Alissa Violet and her ex-boyfriend Jake Paul SOURCE: J-14

Talking on Banks' affair,  the 1.97 m tall YouTube star has kept his dating history low profile. However, he was claimed to be in a relationship with Diannia Derobertis, a Las Vegas-based model. The couple dated briefly in 2016 before calling the quits secretly.

As for now, FaZe and Alissa seems to be going strong and wish the best for this lovers. Stay tuned for updates.