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Home Gossip Taylor Swift is Currently Dating Actor Joe Alwyn for a month,Know about her Current Affairs

Taylor Swift is Currently Dating Actor Joe Alwyn for a month,Know about her Current Affairs

Mahammad Arsad shekh Wed May, 2017
Taylor Swift is Currently Dating Actor Joe Alwyn for a month,Know about  her Current Affairs

If you are a music freak, then we don't need to introduce you to the gorgeous singer Taylor Swift because we know that her songs are probably on the most played list on your cell phone. Taylor's fans were recently searching for her boyfriend from past few months after she broke up with Tom Hiddleston.

She was playing her new relationship low key and was hiding her secret love affair for past few months, but the truth came in front of media when she was caught dating her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn, a famous British actor.

Just wait a while people, we know you are eager to know all about it. Well, that's what today's topic is all about. Read the full article to get the complete detail your favorite singers Paramore.

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One more boyfriend added to Taylor's life; Her relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn revealed

Aged 27, the Shake It Off singer, Taylor Swift was spotted walking around London with a British actor in disguise in a bid to hide their romantic affair from the eyes of public and media.

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The couple is reportedly dating for several months. As stated by, Joe who still lives with his parents is a star in the life of great singer with glittering charm Taylor Swift.

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift

Source: Usmagazine

This beautiful couple spent a lot of time together in Joe's native land London, however, they tried to hide their relationship from the eyes of media and tried their best to disguise it. Actor Joe was caught wearing a wig on a date with Taylor Swift. It is funny but real! Rather than hiding their identity, wig did exaggerate the recent Paramore and now media can't stop talking about it.

As per the report, Taylor has now rented a house in London, and can you guess who is frequently spotted around that building? Ok, we will let you take a wild guess. Yes! you are perfectly right, it's non-other than our own star actor Joe Alwyn.

The pair reportedly began their relationship as friends. We don't know how and when did their friendship changed into an affair but it looks like they are madly in love with each other.

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Regarding their relationship, a strong source said,

Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship. But after what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet.

Taylor was previously in the relationship British actor Tom Hiddleston. Taylor-Tom relationship was once the most talked relationships and they seemed as if they would never break apart. They were spotted sharing kisses at the Colosseum in Rome on a mini-vacation and were caught strolling on a beach in Britain.

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What's you see Taylor? Taylor and Tom in Italy.?? #TomHiddleston #taylorswift #Hiddleswift #hiddleswifties #hiddlestoners #swifties

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Unfortunately, after three months, Tom and Taylor broke up without sighting the reason behind their separation and have never been spotted together after their separation.

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Tom Hiddlestone and Taylor Swift

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift

Source: Mirror

Tom is not seen engaged with any woman after splitting up with Taylor. However, he has a long list of girlfriends that he dated before Swift. On the other hand, Taylor is sparking a wonderful romance with Joe Alwyn.

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Now, all eyes are on the new couple Taylor-Joe but we still don't know if they are serious about their new relationship. Will Joe be her Taylor's partner? Will she get married to him? Only time can tell us. Until then, we wish this newly revealed boyfriend and girlfriend couple all the very best for the future. 

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