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Home Gossip The Vampire Diaries' Arielle Kebbel calls for a change in the aftermath of the Orlando Shooting

The Vampire Diaries' Arielle Kebbel calls for a change in the aftermath of the Orlando Shooting

Shreya Pokharel Fri Jul, 2016
The Vampire Diaries' Arielle Kebbel calls for a change in the aftermath of the Orlando Shooting


Arielle Kebbel aka Lexi Branson, who is much loved for being the best friend, was a rockstar in the show- Vampire Diaries. That’s what everyone says. We all did shed a million tears when Damon Salvatore stabbed her, but she has an irreplaceable place in our hearts. And well indeed she does deserve that place totally. Arielle Kebbel, who recently made to the final panel of the ATX festival, talked about the recent Orlando Shooting and we just can't seem to get enough of her.

Arielle had some amazing things to share with us, but the most important one being how it was the time for a change and the change was needed to bring within ourselves. Kebbel, who hails from the nearby Florida, opened up about the gut-wrenching night and urged everyone around to help in bringing the change by any means that they would be comfortable with. By any, she meant change through voting or writing letters to the families of the victims or simply just having a vigil. Anything but just a small amount of change is what she stressed upon. 


She took a moment to also pay a tribute to the dead ones after she finished her script reading of the pilot episode of The O.C. The show having had other many celebrities participating in it had earlier planned this in the wake of the Orlando shooting which left almost 50 dead and even more severely injured.



The first 3 words in our constitution are "We the people." We fought to have a voice. Let's use it. I grew up 15 mins outside of Orlando and I'm in shock over the mass shooting that took place on Sunday. I've been reading and researching and reading. How can we best put an end to this hatred and violence towards one another? As I gather more facts, I ask that you do the same. Read, start somewhere and get involved. Help is needed everywhere. Support the LGBT and the Orlando victims and their families, get familiar with our constitution and the Second Amendment, write to our political leaders and tell them the change you would like to see, sign a petition, register to vote, and love your loved ones! I don't expect that we all have the same opinion. I ask that we have an open conversation about our differences and put responsibility on our leaders to regulate gun control in a more effective way. By doing this, we are respecting one another through love. It's time to raise the vibration. My prayer today is to be the change we wish to see. ?? #allforlove #loveforall

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Additionally, she focused on how the laughter that she heard in the room during her script reading was the biggest weapon they had which would change the faces of the future of America.

Well, Arielle you just gave us more reasons to love you and miss Lexie.

Arielle, whose age is 31, enjoys a net worth of 3 million dollars. She has also acted in some really successful movies such as  I Melt with you, The Grudge 2, The Uninvited, John Tucker Must Die.

Talking about her personal life she has had affairs with stars like Brahman Turner and Aaron Bay-Schuck. However, it is also reported that these are just rumours and they are more like her friends rather than boyfriends. Well, it doesn't seem like that and we might not know the whole story for the actress who has a body measurement of 36-23-33 maintains a very secret and private life.



The actress who is noted for her role in the TV show 'Crime Scene Investigation' will be seen next in the upcoming movie Fifty Shades free as the very famous architect Gia Matteo, who will be assigned by Christian Grey, to design Anastasia and his house.