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Home Gossip Willem Dafoe's Movies & TV Works, How Much Is His Net Worth?

Willem Dafoe's Movies & TV Works, How Much Is His Net Worth?

Blueprince Wed Jan, 2019
Willem Dafoe's Movies & TV Works, How Much Is His Net Worth?

William James Willem Dafoe, or simply Willem Dafoe, is an American actor. For his outstanding works in films, Willem has been nominated three times for the Academy Award. He is best known for portraying the character of the Green Goblin in the film Spider-Man.

He has been in Hollywood for almost three decades and has played many lead characters as well as the role of villains in countless films, which has helped Willem Dafoe achieve his current net worth that is in millions. The article below deals with the actor's overall income and net worth that he has achieved by far.

Willem Dafoe Net Worth

As of 2019, the three-time Academy Award nominee, Willem Dafoe has a tremendous net worth of $30 million. A major part of his earning is an outcome of his years of work as an actor in the entertainment business.

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Besides, Willem Dafoe owns several real estate properties, including a house in upstate New York that was sold by the actor in September 2008 at a price of $850,000.

Willem Dafoe's Earnings: Boxoffice Collections of Movies

Actor Willem Dafoe has been cast on several blockbuster movies which have had major box office sales. Below is enlisted the name of the movies that the three-time Academy Award nominee has worked and also their earnings:

  • To Live and Die in L.A. (1985): $17 million
  • The Last Temptation of Christ (1988): $8.9 million
  • Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997): $164.5 million
  • Spider-Man (2002): $821 million
  • Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003): $98.2 million
  • John Carter (2012): $284.1 million
  • The Fault in Our Stars (2014): $307.2 million
  • John Wick (2014): $88.8 million
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014): $174.8 million
  • Finding Dory (2016): $1.029 billion

Although William Dafoe has not disclosed the details of his salary from these movies, we won't be wrong to assume that the three-time Academy Award nominee was given a fair cut for his contribution, which has all added to his present net worth.

William Dafoe Career & Awards

William Dafoe started his career playing the role of Willy in the 1980 film, Heaven's Gate, starring Kris Kristofferson and Jeff Bridges.

Since his career debut, he has worked on numerous movies like The Loveless, Streets of Fire, Mississippi Burning, Born on the Fourth of July, featuring Tom Cruise and many others.

Actor William Dafoe gained international stardom for implementing versatility, dare, and boldness to the most iconic films of our times like Victory, The Night and the Moment and At Eternity's Gate, where he plays the character of famous painter Vincent Van Gogh, alongside Oscar Isaac.

William Dafoe Awards

For his outstanding performances in movies, Dafoe has been nominated three times at the Academy Award.

His first nomination was with the 1986 film Platoon, starring Tom Berenger, in the category of Best Supporting Actor, which was won by Don Ameche for the film Cocoon.

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His second nomination was also in the category of Best Supporting Actor for the film Shadow of the Vampire, starring John Malkovich. The award that year was won by Michael Caine for the film The Cider House Rules.

His third nomination came in the year 2017 for the film The Florida Project (2017), for the category of Best Actor in a Supporting Rolewhich was won by Mahershala Ali for the film Moonlight.