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Travers Beynon Biography

Travers Beynon

Facts of Travers Beynon

Date of Birth: 1972 , March-3
Birth Nation: Australia
Height: 6 Feet

Quick Timeline of Travers Beynon

1972 Born in Melbourne, Australia
1988 Travers Beynon Career
1991 Marriage with Ninibeth Beynon and Taesha Beyn
2008 Divorce with Ninibeth Beynon
2016 Travers Beynon Networth

Detail Timeline of Travers Beynon

March 3 , 1972

Born in Melbourne, Australia

An Australian Businessman and model who is best known as "The King of Instagram" and "Australia's Hugh Hefner" having massive followers, Travers Beynon was born on March 3, 1972 to his parents Sandra Beynon anad Trevor Beynon in Melbourne, Australia.


Travers Beynon Career

At the age of 16, Travers firstly started his football career on 1988 but his football career was over because of his injury. Then he changes his career from footballer to a model in the late 80s by which he came to the spotlight. Then he again succeed in his career when he  started a business of tobacco in the early 90s.


Marriage with Ninibeth Beynon and Taesha Beyn

Travers Beynon got married to his first wife Ninibeth Beynon in 1991 with whom he has two children name Lucianna Beynon and Valentini Beynon. After the separation with Ninibeth in 2008, Travers again got married to his second wife Taesha Beynon in the same year.


Divorce with Ninibeth Beynon

Travers Beynon decided to divorce his first wife, Ninibeth Beynon in 2008 after living together for 17 years with whom he had got married in 1991. Although Travers had two children with Ninibeth together, he did so. The exact reason behind their divorce is not disclosed yet.


Travers Beynon Networth

Travers Beynon is one of the richest personality in the present time 2016. Travers earns his salary from the various fields but mostly from his business of tobacco. Travers salary is $4 million per year and his monthly income is $333,000. Thus his net worth is $50 million in the present time of 2016.


Travers Beynon went to Clairvaux College of South Brisbane for his education. There he first started his football career at the age of 16 with Southport Sharks football club which is in the Gold coast in 1988. Initially, Travers came to the light for his football career but his journey as a footballer ended after he injured his leg in a game.

Travers Beynon changes his career path and decided to be a model after giving up on his football career. He was quite successful as a model and he was a famous face in the field of modeling in the '80s. He was signed by some famous brands like Calvin Klein, Levi jeans, Canali, Paul Smith, Valentino, etc.

Travers's actual success starts when he started the business of tobacco in the early 90s. Now he is the Managing Director of his Tobacco company. Travers also built a "Candy Mansion" in Australia that makes him a renowned person and a celebrity. Thus he is also known as a Candyman.

Travers Beynon married his first wife Ninibeth Beynon Leal in 1991 with whom they had two children together but he decided to split with her thus Travers divorced her first wife Ninibeth Leal in 2008. In the same year, Travers married her second wife Taesha.

Travers Beynon is an Australian nationality Businessman and model of height 6 feet and of white ethnicity. He is well-knowing as a Candyman. Travers earns mostly earns his salary from his tobacco business. Beynon whit whom he is living still now. Travers has two children name Lucianna Beynon and Valentini Beynon from Ninth Leal. The exact information about Travers's affairs and girlfriends is not disclosed yet. His annual salary is $4 million and his net worth is about $50 million in the present year 2016.