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Home Gossip Tupac Splits with Madonna,Discuss About their Married Life and Reason for Divorce

Tupac Splits with Madonna,Discuss About their Married Life and Reason for Divorce

Aditya Singh Mon Jul, 2017
Tupac Splits with Madonna,Discuss About their Married Life and Reason for Divorce

Has anybody heard about the celebrity who has written a letter from the jail to his girlfriend? Tupac Shakur is such a name who has penned a letter about his relationship with a famous American singer, Madonna.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Tupac Shakur's prison letter came in the highlight where he reveals about his relationship with a pop icon, Madonna. In a letter, written by Tupac contains the reason behind his separation with Madonna. Want to know a secret behind this high profile celeb's partition? Just stay with us.

Tupac Shakur's Split-up with Madonna; "because she was white"

An uncovered letter penned by the late legend, Tupac Shakur, is in headline nowadays, because it covers up the relationship of Tupac and Madonna, now 58. Moreover, the letter has made everybody surprised when it claims that race was a big factor in their partition.

Tupac with Madonna in 1994 

Tupac with Madonna in 1994

The talented rapper penned an emotional letter 18 months before his death which explains that he split-up his relationship with pop icon Madonna because she is white.

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 is Supreme

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For over the years everybody was curious to know the details of Tupac's spicy romance with Madonna and with the recent revelation of the letter written by Pac, now the time has come to know about it in more detail. The rap icon penned a letter when he served time behind bars for sexual assault which has given us to get a bit of insight into the iconic couple's relationship.

Tupac and MadonnaTupac and Madonna

Tupac and Madonna dated from 1993 to 1994, but the revelation between their romance came in 2015 after Madonna appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" where she revealed that she had dated the "All Eyez on Me" rapper a few years before his tragic 1996 death.

It is said that the late rapper's jail love letter is going for auction from July 19-28 at Gotta Have Rock and Roll, where the starting bid is $100,000. That's something big but not for the late lagend, Tupac, who was well recognized as a social rights activist in addition to his musical accomplishments, was murdered in a drive-by shooting in 1996.

Tupac's emotional letter to Madonna

Tupac's emotional letter to Madonna

Madonna's unsuccessful Married Life

"Like a Prayer" singer, Madonna has successfully marked her name in both music and acting field. However, she didn't successed in her married life as she is married twice but sadly got divorced both the time.

When it comes to her marriage life, the hot and beautiful singer/actress first got married to Sean Penn who is an American actor and currently a political activist.


Sean Penn with Madonna

Sean Penn with Madonna

The couple were married in 1985 but didn't last for long and got divorced in 1989. Sad, right? The reason behind their partation never revealed but as from the sources, it is said that Sean was very insecure and jealous as he was dating one of the biggest pop star on the planets.

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Their relationship came into disaster with domestic violence and general discord and they felt right to be separated with each and later they got divorced.

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I guess i didn't want my picture taken! lol .

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Madonna secondly married to English filmmaker, Guy Ritchie who is famous for his crime movies such as: Sherlock Holmes (2009) and it's sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), Revolver (2005).

They married on 22 December, 2000 in Scotland where the couple looked very happy for their marriage. But the happiness didn't stay for long and due to some irreconcilable differences between two. So, the couple felt right to be separated with each and in 2008, after the eight-year of their relationship, the couple filed for divorce.

Madonna with director, Guy Ritchie

Madonna with director, Guy Ritchie

The couple had a son named, Rocco, 11, and adopted another boy, David Banda, six.

After the unsuccessful marriage, Madonna is possibly single right now despite her baseless rumors. Hope she will find someone who could really stay with her forever.

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