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Home Gossip Who Is Internet Personality iDubbbz Dating? Know About His Dating Rumors & Affairs

Who Is Internet Personality iDubbbz Dating? Know About His Dating Rumors & Affairs

Sayuri Sun Dec, 2018
Who Is Internet Personality iDubbbz Dating? Know About His Dating Rumors & Affairs

Widely recognized for his ‘Kickstart crap’ series on YouTube, iDubbbz is a popular American YouTuber with over 6 million subscribers to his eponymous channel. Born as Ian Carter, the 28 years old Internet personality iDubbbz, who is friends with stars like Casey Neistat, Filthy Frank, Pewdiepie, have managed to make a loyal and huge fanbase for himself over the years. 

iDubbbz has become a huge name in the entertainment industry over the years. He makes fans feel connected to him in real life and makes them want to know more about his life. Today, let's find out more about iDubbbz's Relationship, Rumors, and Affairs. 

iDubbbz Relationship With Girlfriend Anisa Jomha

Considering some of iDubbbz's videos, one is left to question which girl can be able to put up with him. But there’s someone who has accepted to and is currently putting up with everything that comes with being in love with a YouTube sensation. iDubbbz is in a relationship with Anisa Jomha.

Anisa and iDubbbz are in love and have not been shy about showing the world how crazy they are about each other. Like Ian, who is a lord of the YouTube community, his girlfriend Anisa is also an internet queen, a bit of a star in her own way.

iDubbbz and his beloved met online in San Diego while the latter was attending a Twitch Conference. After having a great time with Anisa online, the YouTuber was said to have picked her up and afterward spent some hours chatting with her.

The pair's love for each other continued to thrive after returning to Canada from the conference. Not ready to part ways and allow iDubbbz to slip from her hands, Anisa then relocated to California to be closer to her boyfriend.

Idubbbz's Love Affairs & Dating Rumors

iDubbbz’s I’m Gay’ video may have a huge buzz but the truth remains that the YouTube sensation is in fact not gay. The internet sensation has never given his fans the impression to question his sexuality.

CAPTION: iDubbbz
SOURCE: Gazette Review

IDbbbz’s statement “I’m Gay” was actually a quote he made while leaping from a table in his friend, MaxMoeFoe’s video titled: Edward Watermelon-Hands.

In the video, Max asked Ian to “say some fu***ng gay sh*t” while jumping off the table. Therefore, the two words that came to IDbbbz’s mind while jumping down, was “I’m Gay”.

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Possibly, some of his fans took his words so seriously to the point that the video garnered over 1.1 million views only after a couple of months. Aside from this video, the question of iDubbbz being gay has not been found anywhere else.

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In January 2017, the internet was flooded with questions about Carter’s well-being and state of survival. This was after it emerged that the YouTuber was found lifeless in his home. On the contrary, the youtube star, iDubbbz is still alive and doing great in his career.

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