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Home Gossip Who is Chrissy Costanza dating? Find out her Boyfriend and Relationship

Who is Chrissy Costanza dating? Find out her Boyfriend and Relationship

Dilip Adhikari Tue Feb, 2017
Who is Chrissy Costanza dating? Find out her Boyfriend and Relationship

Chrissy Costanza, a talented singer who is rising among the young teens with her band ‘Against the current’ is a YouTuber at first. She is a beautiful lady and with her beauty knowledge, she also helps girls beautify themselves as she does with herself, with some very good advice. She is famous among both guys and girls.

What a great idea to get the attention of guys and girls. We should also try it and get a lot more for us too and we are not joking lol. With all those attending, starting a music album surely is a sure-shot thing to do.

That’s a lot of boring information, we'll now get onto the interesting topics now. With all the popularity and her beauty did she never dated anyone? Let's try to answer that question.

Chrissy’s boyfriend and previous relations

With all the research done, we could not find about her relationships and affairs. So, do you think she a lesbian? Maybe that is why she is gathering all those girl’s attention. If you are thinking about this please don't, why would you make this judgment.

Since she keeps her love life private and gathering the girl’s attention doesn’t mean that she is a lesbian, she may not like to reveal everything to the world and this is her right.




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So, anyway, that's good news for all her admirers. As she hasn't revealed anything about her love life, she may be single and is dating no one currently. Well, we cannot assure you of that but it’s not bad to dream. In her Facebook, she has mentioned her interest and maybe giving a hint for her to be a partner. Who knows? Check out what she said,

“I love my dog, Sammi, my hamster, Olivia, Harry Potter, gaming on my Razer laptop & my PS4, Italian food, sushi, and loads more”.

Chrissy with her band members

She is involved with a band named “Against the Current”, which is a pop/rock band based in Poughkeepsie, New York which includes a Gow-Vocals and Guitar, Jeremy Rompala on Guitar, Joe Simmons on Bass and Will Ferri on Drums, and herself as the lead singer. They came to rise after some famous covers and their latest album is Gravity.

Inspired by artists such as John Mayer and Katy Perry, she met Dan and Will and eventually, started the band “Against the current”. She is not just a band member but is also a beauty Guru on her YouTube channel.


Do you think we are now going to write something about her relationship with any of the band members? Well, that’s not going to happen. We have no hint about that.

Quick facts about Chrissy Costanza:

Who is Chrissy Costanza dating?

There is no information regarding her affairs and relationships.

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