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Home Gossip Who Is Gabrielle Hanna Dating These Days? Is She Married? Her Past Affairs & Relationships

Who Is Gabrielle Hanna Dating These Days? Is She Married? Her Past Affairs & Relationships

Chandra Rana Thu Jan, 2019
Who Is Gabrielle Hanna Dating These Days? Is She Married? Her Past Affairs & Relationships

Gabrielle Hanna, professionally famous as Gabbie, undoubtedly, is the dream girl of many. The 27-year-old comedian, actress, and YouTube star is often a hot potato, mostly because of her love affairs and relationship. However, after Gabbie's high-profile break-up with her 'pathological liar' ex-boyfriend, she seems to be pretty much cautious these days.

But the hopeful eyes of fans are seeking out if Gabrielle is dating someone or married secretly. An avid user of Instagram, Gabbie is seen with many of her male friends on the social media. So, is she dating? What's her relationship status? Let's find out.

Gabrielle Hanna's Relationship Status: Dating Currently or Married?

Born as Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna, the internet sensation's prominence in YouTube and as a singer is surely known to all, but her personal life seems to be quite hazy compared to her professional life.

Despite fabulous career and massive fan-following, Gabbie seems to be tight-lipped about her love life for years. Following a story of her breakup with her secret boyfriend, information on her relationships and love affairs barely make an escape.

As of January 2019, no reports on Hann's relationship stature is out. Also, there are no reports about her being married. 

Meanwhile, the Monster singer is alleged to be single and focused on her career and is currently working on her second album after her debut album This Time Next Year (2016).

Although Gabbie shares adorable posts with some hunks including Shane Dawson on her Instagram with over 3.9 million followers, she has not yet claimed her relationship with any of them. Check it out.

CAPTION: Gabrielle Hanna and Shane Dawson, she is allegedly single meanwhile despite cozy calls  SOURCE: Instagram

In fact, she refers to all of them as her friends.

Hope she opens up about her romantic relationship as soon as she finds the one.

Gabbie's Break-up Story With Abusive Ex-Boyfriend: Calls him a 'Pathological Liar'

Truth finds its way. A similar incident happened in the life of Gabrielle aka Gabbie's.

Reportedly, the elder sister of social influencer Cecilia Hanna, Gabbie claims her ex-boyfriend as a 'pathological liar', meaning a habitual liar.

In one of Gabbie's 36-minute long YouTube video, posted on July 14, 2018, on her self-titled channel with over 6.4 million subscribers, she said she dated a lair.

The former couple was in a relationship till April 2018 until she found out the truth and broke up with him. Though, the identity of her ex is not made public yet.

Video: 'I Dated a Pathological lair': Gabbie's Relationship with ex-beau

In the video, Gabbie revealed that she and her then-boyfriend enjoyed blissful dating until she found out the real face after 6-months. The mysterious ex-boyfriend turned abusive and later on, the dirty of his other affairs came out, she told.

The emotionally abused and deceived YouTuber, later cut-off her ties with him, keeping his further detail a mystery.

Of course, while dating, Gabrielle shared a photo of him which went viral on the Internet. However, every time her ex-boyfriend's face was covered with some emojis.

CAPTION: Gabbie and her mysterious ex-boyfriend SOURCE: Earn The Necklace

Well, while the fans were in search of the identity of her former beau, she revealed that he didn't have any social media account.

Gabbie Hanna's Past Affairs & Rumors

As reported, before her liar-boyfriend, Gabbie Hanna has been in 3 other relationships. However, she has never mentioned any of them publicly.

In addition to her past affairs, Hanna is also rumored to have dated a few of her co-workers.

Having worked with popular Viners like Jessi Smiles, Brennen Taylor, Landon Moss, Chad Perez, Alx James, Gabbie name has been linked to a few in the industry. 

Her popular alleged relationship was with her fellow vlogger Zane Hijazi, but the allegation was falsified after they revealed they were just friends.

Likewise, back in 2014, she was linked with American actor Desmond Harrington. However, the rumors soon faded away.

Quick Review on Gabrielle Hanna

Is Gabriella Hanna, aka. Gabbie Hanna, dating?

As of January 2019, Gabbie Hanna is not dating anyone officially.

Does Gabbie Hanna have children?

No, she doesn't have any children.

Is Gabbie Hanna Lebanese?

No, Gabbie Hanna is an American but is of Lebanese descent.

How old is Gabbie Hanna?

She is 27-year-old, as of January 2019.