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Home Gossip Who is Helene Fischer Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Who is Helene Fischer Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Ashmita Karki Thu Jun, 2017
Who is Helene Fischer Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs and Relationship

It’s actually unbelievable if someone doesn’t know the 80s-style dance queen Helene Fischer. With her amazing skills and flashy costumes, Fischer has turned out to be a standout amongst the best German artists ever. The talented lady is one of the best-selling artists in Germany who holds a record of selling nine million records. 

In case, you are wondering about Fischer’s look, she’s not just talented, but also, extremely beautiful. Honestly, she is one among the thousand every man would like to date and have as their love for life. However, there’s already a lucky guy who lives in the heart of Fischer. Well, the lucky guy is none other than Florian Silbereisen who has been ruling Fischer’s heart for a long time.

Helene Fischer love life

5th August 1984 born Helene Fischer is not just a renowned and successful German singer, but also an entertainer, television presenter, and actress. She appeared first time in the big industry in 2005 but never went unnoticed. Her amazing works and high skills were honored several times and she has been awarded various titles to this date.

Among her millions sold records, her 2013 album ‘Farbenspiel’ held a special record by being the most downloaded album of a German artist of all time legally. Fischer holds such a strong position in her professional life that she has already become a common topic in every kitchen. However, only a few have the idea of Fischer’s love life.


Helene Fischer affair with Florian Silbereisen

Fischer has been involved in a romantic love affair with Florian Silbereisen who is a TV presenter and singer from Germany. Although Fischer and Silbereisen’s relationship has already become a buzz in the town, the pair has not officially opened up about their relationship and has remained low-key about their dating life. 

It seems like neither Fischer nor Silbereisen wants to shift their fans' attention from their amazing career to their love interests. Well, we agree that too much paparazzi does affect one’s relationship but being so much secretive about relationships also makes the fans sad, isn’t it? 

Helene Fischer-The Power of Love

Helene Fischer rumored to have dated Michael Bolton

Just to let you know, Silbereisen is not the only one dated by our miss perfect, Fischer was also in a relationship with Michael Bolton in the past. Yes, you read it right! However, their relationship wasn’t really confirmed.

A lot of rumors swirled around in 2011 about Silbereisen and Fischer’s relationship but neither Silbereisen nor Fischer talked anything regarding their encounter. Even though they were rumored to have dated around 2011, there are no words that reveal when they fell apart.

Helene Fischer with rumored lover Michael Bolton

Helene Fischer with rumored lover Michael Bolton

Source: Zim bio

Although Fischer has been quite secretive about her relationship with her current boyfriend Silbereisen, we hope things are going great between the pair. We have a slight doubt about it because both of the celebrities’ social networking is quite clear and don’t have a slight hint of one another. We wish Fischer would come out to clear her fan's doubt someday.