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Home Gossip Jennifer Coolidge hiding her husband's identity? Find out about her affairs

Jennifer Coolidge hiding her husband's identity? Find out about her affairs

Ashmita Karki Mon Jan, 2017
Jennifer Coolidge hiding her husband's identity? Find out about her affairs

Jennifer Coolidge is a renowned actress who is most widely known as her character ‘Stifler’s Mom’ from the ‘American Pie’ films. She is a 55-year-old lady who is enriched with beauty. Coolidge has dated many men in the past but mostly she chooses to be mysterious about her affairs. The closest man she can be linked with is Chris Kattan whom she dated way back in 2001. 

To all the men who secretly admire Coolidge, the great news is that she isn’t married however she is dating someone whose identity she doesn't want to reveal. Let’s find out more about the gorgeous Coolidge affair.

Jennifer Coolidge mysterious about her boyfriends

Coolidge who looks half her age even in her mid-fifties was last linked with Chris Kattan, a comedian. She dated Cattan back in 2001. The pair shared great chemistry as both Coolidge and Kattan had a great sense of humor. Even though the relationship between them ended a long ago, the pair still works together. After Kattan, Coolidge has remained quite mysterious about her love affairs. 

Image: Jennifer Coolidge

Image: Jennifer Coolidge

Source: lisimg

Coolidge dates younger men

During an interview, Coolidge revealed that she is interested in men who are younger than her. In fact, she has mostly dated younger men which is quite similar to her character as Stifler’s mom. Coolidge herself admits that it’s younger guys who are into her and that’s how things go on her side. She said:

I always date younger men. For some reasons that’s just the way it’s gone, because younger guys have always asked me out and I accept. 

She further revealed that she is dating someone who is actually younger than her but she doesn’t want to reveal his identity as he might not be able to handle it. Isn’t it quite interesting?

 I’m dating a guy who is really shy, and if I were to mention him here he might not be able to handle it. And, yes, he is younger than me.

Coolidge wedding ring mystery

Coolidge who is one of the most beautiful women over 50, hasn’t married yet. However, in the past, there were rumors that Coolidge was going to get married soon, but it seemed baseless.

In her Instagram post, Coolidge was spotted with a ring on her ring finger which looked like a wedding ring. However, she didn’t make any announcement if she was engaged for real or not, which drove us to the conclusion that the ring might be a fancy ring but, not a wedding ring.


She'll always find you...

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However, Coolidge fans still suspect that she might be hiding her husband as she hid her boyfriend's information from the media and fans.