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Home Gossip Who Is Katherine Pine, Chris Pine's Brother, Dating? Does She Have A Boyfriend Or Is She Single?

Who Is Katherine Pine, Chris Pine's Brother, Dating? Does She Have A Boyfriend Or Is She Single?

Rabina Koirala Sat Jan, 2022
Who Is Katherine Pine, Chris Pine's Brother, Dating? Does She Have A Boyfriend Or Is She Single?

Chris Pine, the actor from This Means War is the bother of actress Katherine Pine. Being a brother to a celebrity must be tough. And if both the siblings are in the same field as professionals, there are high chances of getting overshadowed by the famous one.

The same is the case with the Pine siblings. Hailing from a family of veteran Hollywood actors, both Katherine and Chris have tried their luck with acting. But fate had different ways planned for the two. Brother, Chris Pine made it big and well in the town, whereas Katherine got lost in her way early on.

Photo: Katherine and Chris Pine

And with hardly any attention being given to her, what with not being a proper celebrity, Katherine Pine's personal affairs are quite vague. Is she single? Is she dating a boyfriend? We'll see. The article below deals with Chris Pine's sister Katherine Pine's love life, dating history, and all.


For almost two decades now, Katherine Pine has not been active on screen in any way whatsoever. It seems she has grown apart from the “family business”. So it is not a surprise that hardly any information is available on the internet about her and her life.

But an Instagram post from her brother, Chris Pine, suggests that she has a toddler child. Chris had posted a photo wherein he was holding a child that most probably could have been his niece or nephew because Chris is definitely not the father.

44-year-old Katherine Pine must have been married and that child is from her and her husband. For all we know right now, she could have already had a divorce. But since we can find no evidence of a wedding, we can assume that Katherine got pregnant with her boyfriend.

Katherine Pine herself is not active in any kind of social networking site so no news has come from her first hand.

Katherine Pine was born into a family of Actors

Katherine Pine and her brother are the children of Hollywood actors Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford. Moreover, they are the grandchildren of late veteran actors of Anne Gwynne and Max M. Gilford.

Robert Pine and daughter Katherine Pine

So with so much of family history in the Hollywood industry, Katherine was naturally obliged to try the field at least once. But unlike her brother, Chris Pine, Katherine doesn't have many film credits to her name.

Katherine Pine is an actress, known for the movie CHiPs '99 of 1998 in which her father Robert Pine played the lead role alongside Erik Estrada. She was previously seen in the simulation game Heavy Gear in 1997 and then in another movie of 1998, Love Boat: The Next Wave, starring Joan Severance and Phil Morris.

But for long now, Katherine Pine, Chris Pine's sister has left the show business. She is currently working as a therapist in California.  She is a specialist in marriage and family issues.