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Home Gossip Who is Lyssa Chapman Currently Dating After Divorce from Brahman "Bo" Galanti? Know the Details

Who is Lyssa Chapman Currently Dating After Divorce from Brahman "Bo" Galanti? Know the Details

Himadri Hamal Tue Dec, 2017
Who is Lyssa Chapman Currently Dating After Divorce from Brahman

After less than two years of marriage, the writer of Walking on Eggshell, Lyssa Chapman came out of the fear. She decided to move away from her former husband Bo Galanti. Well, why did Lyssa separate from Bo Galanti? What made her take the decision?

32-year-old American author Lyssa Chapman survived a bitter childhood. She grew up in a disastrous environment involving an alcoholic mother and a drug-abusing father, Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman I, who is known for the reality series Dog the Bounty Hunter. According to some sources, Lyssa was reportedly abused by her father’s friend at an early age.

When Lyssa grew up and decided to marry and make her own family, things turned out to be no different. Just like her childhood, her later life also turned miserable. Living with her husband turned out to be no different from living with her parents:

Lyssa married Bahman Galanti who turned out to be monster: Marriage, Divorce, And Children

Marriages are supposed to be the beginning of a happy life. But, as it turns out, they sometimes leave a bitter aftertaste. 

                                                                             Source: GIPHY 

Lyssa Married Bo At 22: Her Married Life

Lyssa Chapman married husband Brahman Galanti, famous as Bo Galanti, in 2009, amid a grand wedding in Oahu, Hawai. But things started taking a downward spiral pretty soon. The couple's happiness was, apparently, not part of the deal.

As mentioned earlier, Lyssa didn't have an easy life and she was only 22 when she married Bo Galanti. During their marriage, Bo frequently assaulted Lyssa and made her life pathetic.

Lyssa once said that Bo was not less than a monster in her life. There even came a time when once she even felt compelled to flee to her father’s house to escape from Bo.

Lyssa Is A Mother Of Two Children 

Did you know? Lyssa had her first child at only 15 but she was forced to abandon the child. Want to know who was her first baby's father? He was a 24-year-old man who, after the details of Lyssa's pregnancy came out, was sentenced by the court.

Lyssa Chapman with her first baby daughter

Lyssa Chapman with her first baby girl

Source: Channel Guide Magazine

All this information came out later when Lysa was already a mother to her second child. Lisa is the mother of two daughters.

Lyssa Officially Split With Her Former Husband Bo: 

Finally, In February 2011, Lyssa collected all of her courage and decided to move out of Bo's life. Today, she is officially divorced from Bo and not committed to any other men.


The constant fight between the couple and Bo's abusive nature definitely did not provide a good environment for the children to grow up. This turned out to be the main reason for the divorce.

Currently, Lyssa is living happily with her two daughters and seems like she needs no other man in her life to stay happy.

Is Lyssa Lesbian? Her Instagram posts Confused Her Fans About Her Sexuality 

The controversies do not end there. After her controversial divorce from her reportedly abusive husband Bo Galanti, people have started saying that Lyssa is a lesbian. 

Lyssa Chapman is reportedly dating a mysterious girlfriend! Lyssa's recent Instagram post, which shows her kissing a woman named Leiana, has raised a question about her sexuality. She hasn't released any official statement about the rumors of her being lesbian