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Home Gossip 43 Years Old American Body Builder Kali Muscle's Net Worth And Lifestyle: His Career At Present

43 Years Old American Body Builder Kali Muscle's Net Worth And Lifestyle: His Career At Present

Sabina Gartaula Thu Aug, 2018
43 Years Old American Body Builder Kali Muscle's Net Worth And Lifestyle: His Career At Present

Kali Muscle is an American born bodybuilder, actor and a YouTube personality who was also named Mr. California 2012. As a YouTube Star, he has over 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he also has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Kali Muscle was born on 18th Feb 1975 and is 43-years-old. And as an actor, one of his first roles was in 2011's Wonder Woman alongside Adrianne PalickiElizabeth HurleyCary ElwesPedro Pascal, and many others. 

Here, we are going to share some information related to his net worth, salary, lavish lifestyle, and properties. 

Kali Muscle Net Worth and Salary

As of 2018, Kali Muscle has an estimated net worth of $5 million. His worth might seem quite high, but it is nothing compared to other top bodybuilders.

Actor cum bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the top bodybuilders of all time, and he is also the wealthiest bodybuilder in the world with an estimated fortune of $300 million. 

Moving along to his salary and earnings, there is no information about how much he earns by making appearances in films and TVs or how much he earns on a monthly basis. But it is not hard to say that he makes a hundred thousand dollars on an annual basis. 

Likewise, according to Social Blade, the internet sensation makes $876 to $14,000 on a monthly basis through his YouTube channel alone. From YouTube, he also makes somewhere between $10.5 thousand to $168.2 thousand on an annual basis. 

Watch his chest workout video on YouTube.

Being a personality known for his great physique and looks, the bodybuilder also appears on covers of magazines on a regular basis and is sponsored by numerous brands like Hyphy, and has even endorsed brands like Snickers, Honda, Taco Bell, and many others by appearing in their TV commercials.  

Watch Kali on a commercial for Taco Bell

It is pretty clear that he makes hundred thousand dollars just through endorsement deals and sponsorships. 

Kali Muscle Lavish Lifestyle and Properties: Cars and Houses

When it comes to lifestyle, Kali Muscle spends most of his time in the gym working out and maintaining his magnificent physique. His Instagram is mostly filled with photos and clips of him working out which is basically his life. 

Kali is known to make headlines even when he loses a bit of muscle that is why he is always on the top of the game, working hard. 

Moving along, the exact information on where Kali lives, the price of the estate and its features are not known, but when it comes to his cars, he owns a Porsche Panamera.

Take a look at his Porsche Panamera.

Porsche Panamera has a price starting at $150,000. Well, that is undeniably a big part of his net worth. 

Further, we wish him a successful career in the future as well.