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Home Gossip Internet Celebrity Jeffree Star's Business Ventures & Net Worth, His House And Properties

Internet Celebrity Jeffree Star's Business Ventures & Net Worth, His House And Properties

Sabina Gartaula Thu Aug, 2018
Internet Celebrity Jeffree Star's Business Ventures & Net Worth, His House And Properties

Controversial YouTube sensation, makeup artist, musician, and businessman Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, a.k.a. Jeffree Star, is currently receiving a lot of positive feedback after making an appearance on fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson's five-part series. As of 2018, he is worth multi-million dollars, but he is yet to share his exact net worth. 

Currently 32-year-old, Jeffree Star is the owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and rose to fame through Myspace as a musician. As a musician, he was a massive star and even signed deals with Akon and was one of the first artists to feature Nicki Minaj in his song. 

Here, we are going to share some details related to his net worth, salary, houses, and cars.

Jeffree Star Net Worth and Salary

On the internet, numerous sources claim that Jeffree Star has an estimated net worth of $5 million, but the figures are not correct.

During his recent appearance on Shane Dawson's channel, the YouTube sensation revealed that he is worth multi-million dollars making hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis through his makeup company, and other businesses. 

Being a very open man, he has always been vocal about how the money he makes off YouTube is nothing for him. His primary source of income is through her career as a businessman and an entrepreneur. 

In 2018 alone, he sold 100,000 units of his Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette which retails for $52 per piece. The sales of the palette alone earned him a jaw-dropping $5.2 million. 

Likewise, according to Social Blade, his self-titled YouTube channel helps him to make $26.6 thousand to $425,1 thousand monthly while, on an annual basis, he makes $318. 8 thousand to $5.1 million. 

Watch his latest YouTube video.

Meanwhile, in one of the five-part videos, he also revealed that he spends $75,000 on a monthly basis to run his company with an additional $100,000 to pay his 100 staffs working at his company. 

Unlike many YouTubers, he never really spoke about how much exactly he made or about his company. However, he did reveal all about the companies he owns. 

Moreover, he also owns numerous real estates throughout the United States which alone helps him makes millions of dollars. 

Watch Star talk about his multi-million dollar business.

Even though Jeffree Star has not revealed exact figures of his net worth, there are no doubts that he is worth multi-million dollars. 

Jeffree Star Lavish Life Style and Properties: Houses and Cars

Jeffree Star is known not to be very shy when to comes to flaunting his lavish lifestyle on YouTube and other social media. He is known to sport and rock some of the most expensive luxury items from brands like Gucci, Loius Vuitton, and much more. 

Matter of fact, he is a collector of these kinds of items, and one of his most precious pieces includes a limited edition Dior mirror bag which only he, Rihanna and Beyonce own. Likewise, his closet featuring a ton of luxury brands is worth $7 million. 

CAPTION: Dior Mirror Bag SOURCE: Surface mag

Now moving on to his real estates, he owns a massive mansion in Calabasas and is neighbors to stars like Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, and many others.

Fully customized to Jeffree's likings with an enormous living area, numerous million dollars closets and much more, the mansion alone is hands down worth millions of dollars. 

Take a look at his million dollar mansion.

Likewise, Jeffree has revealed that he owns numerous other estates throughout the United States through which he earns millions but the exact locations and the houses have not been disclosed yet. 

Finally, talking about his cars, he is best known for his gorgeous pink Rolls Royce Wraith which usually has a price starting at $300,000. 

Take a look at his pink Rolls Royce.

Similarly, some of the other iconic cars he owns include a BMW i8 Couple in pink, Lamborghini Huracan, Tesla Model X, and much more. 

He showed off his entire garage in one of Shane Dawson's video which left viewers shocked.