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Home Gossip American TV Personality Pauly D's Net Worth and Lifestyle: His Career From The Beginning

American TV Personality Pauly D's Net Worth and Lifestyle: His Career From The Beginning

Sabina Gartaula Fri Aug, 2018
American TV Personality Pauly D's Net Worth and Lifestyle: His Career From The Beginning

Paul DelVecchio Jr., professionally known as DJ Pauly D, is an American DJ and reality TV star. He is best known for his appearance on reality TV show Jersey Shore alongside Nicole Polizzi, Jenni FarleyMichael Sorrentino, and many others. 

Born on 5th July 1980, the 38-year-old has an estimated net worth of $24 million as of 2018. According to Forbes, he is one of the highest paid DJs in the world. 

Without further ado, let's find out more about his fortune, salary, and lifestyle.

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DJ Pauly D Net Worth and Salary

As of 2018, Pauly D has an estimated net worth of $24 million, and it has stayed entirely consistent throughout the years.

According to Forbes, the DJ cum reality TV star makes over $13 million on an annual basis. 


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In 2013, he was ranked as the 12th World's Highest Paid DJ with an earning of $13 million. In the year, he even tied in the earnings category with fellow popular DJ Diplo.

While he makes $13 million in an annual basis, he reportedly charges $40,000 for each show and in 2011 landed on the first Forbes list of World's Top DJs with an earning of $11 million. 



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While his major source of income is as a DJ at present, just a few years back, he made a massive salary through Jersey Shore. The reality TV show did not only pay him a hefty cheque every month but also helped him boost his career as a DJ. 

During the initial season, the cast of the show barely made $10,000 per episode which later increased to $150,000 per episode for Pauly D.

As of now, for the revamped version of the show, i.e., Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the numbers on their paycheque can be expected to increase even more. Well, that is definitely going to add much to his net worth.

Watch Pauly D's best moments on Jersey Shore. 

Now let's talk about his lavish lifestyle and properties. 

DJ Pauly D Living a Lavish Lifestyle: Houses and Cars

Just a few months back, Pauly D appeared on MTV's show Miami Cribs and gave a small tour of his house. His mansion is located in Miami and as obvious has a market price in millions. 

Watch his mansion on Miami Cribs.

The first thing we noticed in the video is the giant swimming pool in the area. Some of the features of his mansion include an enormous kitchen, living area, jacuzzi and much more.

He also owns another mansion in Las Vegas which is even more significant than his Miami house. This mansion also has a massive swimming pool and also seems to feature a guest house. This one also has its price tag ranging over millions of dollars. 

CAPTION: Pauly D Las Vegas Mansion SOURCE: MTV

Now, moving on, his collection of cars also make a big part of his net worth. He is an avid fan of luxury cars, and he indeed has a huge collection. One of his most famous cars is his Lamborgini Aventador which has a price tag starting from $450,000. 



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Likewise, he also owns a Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes S-Class, and a Rolls Royce Ghost which have prices starting from $83,890, $122,750 and $400,000 respectively. 


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Houses and cars are not the only assets Pauly D splurges on. He is also fond of jewels and accessories and loves his diamond chains and expensive watches. If you are a big fan of Pauly D, you already know that by now. 


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From Jersey Shore to one of the top DJ's in the world, Pauly D indeed has grown to a whole new level with his net worth that is estimated to be $24 million.