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Home Gossip How Is American YouTuber Markiplier's Relationship With Girlfriend Amy? What About His Past Affairs?

How Is American YouTuber Markiplier's Relationship With Girlfriend Amy? What About His Past Affairs?

Sabina Gartaula Wed Jul, 2018
How Is American YouTuber Markiplier's Relationship With Girlfriend Amy? What About His Past Affairs?

One of the most successful YouTubers Mark Edward Fischbach, professionally known as Markiplier, has over 21.19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The American born internet sensation is currently in a relationship with a woman named Amy

Born on 28th June 1989, the 29-year-old is among the most well known YouTube sensations like PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, and many others. Likewise, on YouTube, he is also known for his videos where he and his friends play games and comment on them. 

Leaving his professional life aside, here we are going to talk about his relationship with Amy and his past affairs. 

Markiplier is Currently Dating Amy: More About Their Relationship and Bond

Markiplier is currently in a relationship, and his girlfriend is no other Amy Nelson, who is widely known as Markiplier's girlfriend and also is active on almost all social media as Peebles or Icedarkroast.

Amy is a graphic designer, and she has been dating the YouTube sensation since 2015


I’m a lucky dooooood

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It has been three years since they first started dating yet she has been featured in only a few of Mark's videos which is quite strange for YouTubers. However, he does love to share pictures of his beau on his Instagram, and he does it very often. 

The duo first sparked rumors about their relationship after they made an appearance together at VidCon 2016, and Amy also made her first appearance on Mark's channel in a video titled DON'T LAUGH CHALLENGE #5.

Watch the video here.

In April, the duo went to the premiere of Infinity Wars, and Mark made sure to upload pictures of himself and her on his social for his fans. 

There are many adorable posts dedicated to his beau which we find very cute. 

They are currently in a long-term relationship, and they do not seem to be planning to take their relationship to a new level any time soon. Mark has not spoken about getting married or about his plans to have children. 

Nonetheless, we hope that Mark pops the question to her very soon, and hope we get to view the YouTuber's grand wedding. 

Markiplier's Past Affairs

Other than Amy, there are no reports about Mark dating another one after he became a sensation on YouTube. Mark is an open book, and he is always ready to share new events in his life with his followers.

Since he has not shared such kind of news related to another woman in his life, it is safe to assume that he has not dated anyone other than Amy after getting famous on YouTube. 


Feelin’ fresh!

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But we cannot say the same about his affairs before his fame. 

In the current context too, she shares his love with someone else other than Amy. He has a golden retriever named Chica whom he loves as much as his girlfriend, Amy. Chica makes very frequent appearances both on Mark's social media and YouTube channels. 



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Both Amy and Mark are in love with her as the trio can be spotted together on Mark's Instagram photos.